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While the sheer appearance or mention of Saint Scully's name makes an X-Files episode sacred in and of itself, some episodes are just...well...more sacred than others. These "Sacred Scully" episodes as selected by the OBSSE include those that primarily feature The Blessed One or reveal some important aspect of her nature, work, life, or emotional or physical well being. 

Following are the OBSSE's Sacred Scully Episodes. Selecting the episode name will take you to the Official OBSSE Scully Episode Guide. 


Jersey Devil
Although the X-file itself is not Scullycentric, the episode features the one and only date St. Scully will have for sometime (until Never Again) and reveals her growing bond with Fox Mulder and her growing detachment from her previous life and interests. 

Beyond the Sea
Simply the best Scullycentric episode of Season One, and an all-time OBSSE favorite. For the first time St. Scully's familial relationships and motivations are explored. 

The X-file here centers around a former beau of The Blessed One. 


Duane Barry / Ascension / One Breath
These three episodes constitute the Scully Abduction Arc of the second season. 

One Breath
While part of the Abduction Arc, this episode stands alone for its sheer Scullycentricity and power, as we watch the Blessed One choose between death and living. 

One of the most sacred of the sacred episodes, St. Scully must battle her inner demons in the aftermath of her abduction. St. Scully's scene with the FBI social worker is required OBSSE viewing. 

see below.. 


Anasazi / The Blessing Way / Paper Clip
Again, while not directly Scullycentric, these arc episodes begin to reveal the depth of St. Scully's involvement in the Project. They also show us St. Scully's struggle to remain loyal to herself, her partner, and the truth. And of course, we all mourn the sacrifice of Melissa. :( 

Clyde Bruckman's Finale Repose
In general, this is one of the all time best X Files ever. The growing sympathy Scully has for Clyde, his remarks to her concerning her "death," and the touching bedside scene at the end, however, make this a Sacred Scully. 

Nisei / 731
Saint Scully meets other women abductees who are dying of a mysterious cancer, which foreshadows The Blessed One's own battles to come. Also, St. Scully comes to believe that it is humans, not aliens, who are experimenting on humans. 

One of the most sacred of the sacred episodes. The Lord him/herself seems to lead St. Scully to protect a young boy, and St. Scully revisits her spiritual faith. 

Piper Maru / Apocrypha
A bit of St. Scully's past is revealed, and she must wrestle with her feelings regarding her sister's death. 

What sets this one apart is one scene: The Talk on the Rock. St. Scully's conversation with Mulder and her analogy to Moby Dick make this one sacred. 

St. Scully becomes the X-File and loses the one thing she holds most dearly: her self-control. 


An X-File in which St. Scully must save herself by learning to delve into the mind of a maniac. 

The Scully Arc of Season Four  -  -  -  -  -  -  -  -  -  -  -  -  -  - 

Leonard Betts
The episode that foreshadows St. Scully's illness. 

Never Again
Controversial, to say the least, the OBSSE holds this episode as sacred because of its intimate portrayal of St. Scully's inner turmoil and its assertion of her independence (on many levels). 

Memento Mori
Most sacred of Season Four, Memento Mori chronicles St. Scully's recognition of her condition and her fight to save herself. 

-  -  -  -  -  -  -  -  -  -  -  -  -  -  -  -  -  -  -  -  -  -  -  -  -  -  -  -  -  - 

This episode is important in the cancer story line because it allows us to see St. Scully's growing fears of her own mortality, her reliance upon Mulder to help her through this trying time, and the fact that she too, for all her strength and courage, is terribly, terribly afraid. 


Redux II
The Blessed Day of Remission!!! Scully is hospitalized and near death, but with the help of modern medicine, a mysterious chip inserted back into her neck, the rediscovery of her religious faith, and her own determination, strength, and will power, St. Scully survives. Which one was it that actually saved her? We may never know. 

Christmas Carol
Let the St. Scully torture begin! On Christmas vacation at her brother and sister-in-law's house in San Diego, St. Scully receives a series of mysterious phone calls from what sounds like her deceased sister Melissa. The calls eventually lead The Blessed One to a three-year-old child named Emily, whom St. Scully finds out is genetically her daughter. This news is more than mysterious, it is downright miraculous, since St. Scully tells us earlier in the episode that she cannot conceive a child because of "what was done to me" during her abduction. We also learn in this episode that St. Scully has been reassessing her "priorities" since she was first diagnosed with cancer. (First of a two-part episode.) 

The St. Scully torture reaches its zenith, when Scully, with Mulder's assistance, discovers that Emily is the product of the green goo genetic project. Needless to say, the child dies, and St. Scully is left alone again--naturally. "Christmas Carol" and "Emily" *feel* like an important turning point in St. Scully's life, but we will have to see.... 

All Souls
As Scullycentric an episode as they come and providing more proof of the Blessed One's saintliness. Once again, the Lord himself seems to be calling St. Scully to assist him in his earthly battle between good and evil, this one involving angels and the Dark Lord himself. Scully takes another step toward regaining her faith, and in the process, comes to terms with the loss of her daughter, Emily. 


Act 2 of this episode is a Scullyists dream: all Scully, all the time. One of the most delightful ten minutes of screen time in the series history has us racing around the FBI building with The Blessed One as she does whatever it takes to try to save her partner, threatens Spender, and kisses Skinner. 

A wonderful episode as far as Dana Scully's personal journey is concerned. Here, six years into the adventure, she's teamed with a fresh, young, cocky, green pup of an Agent eager to make an impression. Sound familiar? She's the Senior Agent now, the one who is almost dismissed as a "lost cause" unless things quickly change. What a weight these years have exacted on her soul. Things just aren't black and white anymore. When she is accidentally shot in the stomach by the fellow agent her suspect gives his life so that The Blessed One may continue on.

An emotion laden and tense character study of Dana Scully, "Milagro" is described by the writers as showing their love of the character. This episode celebrates all that is wonderful and enigmatic about Scully. Unfortunately it is a stalker type that is doing the celebrating. 

A big turning point for, in this case, Her Linen Suitedness. Not only did she wear something other than black, but the episode highlighted that personal crux of Scully's between faith and science. Plus, we finally got to see Mulder screaming in the loony bin. "Biogenesis" begins the arc of reluctant believer Scully as her scientific brain opens up to the existence of aliens since this time she actually stood on a spaceship.


The Sixth Extinction
Scully shows almost unparalleled bravery in this episode: she's alone in a country whose language she does not understand, unearthing something that is against her entire belief system, unarmed except for a machete, ignoring biblical theme plagues, and being visited by visions of phantom prophets to do whatever it take to save Mulder's ass. All because of the undeniable truth that there is one big honkin' UFO sitting out there in the water.

The Sixth Extinction II: Amor Fati
The Blessed One continues on her spiritual crossroads. This time her already crowded parade of visions adds the spirit of Albert Hosteen all decked out in his otherworld finest to the mix. He tells her she must save Mulder for the sake of us all. No pressure Scully. You're on a mission from God.

Donnie Pfaster is back and he's still got a thing for St. Scully even though her hair is painfully short. Scully makes damn sure he'll never play R&B music on her DVD player again.

En Ami
The selfless side of Dr. Scully is seduced by the promise of a miracle cure for all human disease. She talks to her chest, no longer even flinches over the word "extraterrestrial," and gets to wear a sexy black dress. What's not to like?

all things
In which we find out Gillian Anderson loves Scully the same way we do. She wrote this one for us, and for that we thank her. It has everything we love in the Abbey: Cranky!Scully, margaritas, Blessed backstory, Psychic!Scully, sex (well implied, but still), nuns, Spiritual!Scully, Dr. Bossypants, and a Scully finally content with her path in life. We also find out now that all gods speak to The Blessed One. It doesn't matter if they are African spirit men, Indian spirits, the Christian God or Buddha. St. Scully's got a direct hotline.

Two words: "I'm pregnant."