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The Life of St. Scully

The Blessed One, also known as Dana Katherine Scully, entered the world in a perfect fashion, no doubt halo firmly already in place, on the high holy day of February 23, 1964. Her family consists of her father (the now sadly deceased but since this is the X-Files still around to deliver philosophical dead guy speeches at the drop of a hat) U.S. Navy Captain William Scully, her much beloved mother Margaret (Maggie), her much reviled older brother Bill, her also deceased but always willing to make a phone call from 1-800-THE GREAT BEYOND older sister Melissa, and the mysterious younger brother Charles that the Scully family seems to keep hidden for reasons we are yet to ascertain.

Her education being very important to her Saint Scully received a Bachelor of Science Degree in Physics from the University of Maryland in 1986 (after spending her freshman year at Berkeley) and a medical degree with a residency in forensic pathology. In 1990, the FBI recruited Saint Scully straight from medical school to teach at the FBI Academy at Quantico, Virginia. After a two year stint at Quantico, Her Pantsuitedness was assigned in 1992 to the FBI's X-Files section, where she currently serves as a Special Agent, that is in between times where the X-Files is closed down or she is suspended, abducted, or almost shipped off to Salt Lake through no fault of her own.

With her partner, Fox Mulder, Saint Scully shines the bright lens of science on FBI investigations that her some what delusional partner always thinks are paranormal. The Blessed One is approximately 5'6" give or take depending on how high her heels are that day and whether or not they are having the Earthly Incarnation (Gillian Anderson) stand on a box at the time. Her hair, always the subject of much discussion in the Order, is different shades of red depending on what season, um, year it is.

She has never been married though despite never getting to have sex managed to have at least one child, Emily (the also deceased), without even realizing it. Since her Blessed Ova are now in the hands of nefarious individuals there could be a lot more little Scully's running around. She's had two pets that we know of, a bunny (deceased), and her dog QueeQueg (also deceased - hmm there seems to be a pattern here). She does appear to be able to keep plants alive..

Milestones in the
Life of The Blessed One

Following are episode names and dates (if known) revealing milestones in the Life of Saint Scully:

February 23, 1964 
The Blessed One is born. And there was much rejoicing.

St. Scully receives her cross on either her birthday or Christmas totally at the whim of lazy writers who don't seem to care about important events. She also has an odd fondness for "The Eagles" around this time. (Ascension, Christmas Carol)

Recruited out of medical school by the FBI. Taught at the FBI Academy at Quantico for two years. (The Pilot)

March 7, 1992 
Saint Scully is assigned to the FBI's X-Files section as Fox Mulder's partner. (The Pilot)

January 1994
Saint Scully's father dies of a heart attack. Just prior to his death, The Blessed One displays a Saint Scully Psychic Moment, when she sees her father talking to her and then later finds that he has died.  (Beyond the Sea)

May 1994 
The X-Files section is closed, Saint Scully and Fox Mulder are reassigned. Saint Scully returns to teaching at Quantico, however, the partners continue to find opportunities to work together. (The Erlenmeyer Flask, et al.)

August 1994
While assisting Mulder with a case involving a former FBI agent (Duane Barry) who believes he has been abducted by aliens, Saint Scully herself is abducted by Barry. Her whereabouts are unknown and circumstances surrounding her abduction are murky. (Duane Barry)

November 1994
Saint Scully reappears as mysteriously as she disappeared, showing up in the Intensive Care Unit of a D.C. hospital. Fox Mulder, with the help of the Lone Gunmen, speculate that she has been subjected to genetic experiments involving branched DNA. After some time, Saint Scully emerges from her coma with no memory of the events surrounding her disappearance. Later the writers will also have no memory about how long her disappearance was. (One Breath)

November 1994
Saint Scully returns to work in the X-Files section (which was reopened following her absence). (Firewalker)

April/May 1995
Saint Scully discovers her name in secret Defense Department files on UFOs (MJ documents) along with Duane Barry's name. They are recent entries in the files and have something to do with "a test." (Anasazi)

Saint Scully is suspended for disobedience at the FBI, following her assistance to Fox Mulder in "Anasazi." Saint Scully later discovers an implant in her neck that appears to be a tiny microcomputer processor. At her sister Melissa's urging, Saint Scully sees a hypnotherapist to see if she can recall details of her abduction, but she resists. She is later warned by the Well-Manicured Man that she is in danger. Her sister Melissa is mistakenly killed in Saint Scully's apartment. (The Blessing Way)

Reunited with Fox Mulder, the partners discover an abandoned mining site with hundreds of cabinets of medical files. Saint Scully's name is in one of the files along with a tissue sample case, as is Fox Mulder's sister, Samantha Mulder. (Paper Clip)

Saint Scully is told by psychic Clyde Bruckman that she will not die. Saint Scully adopts Clyde's neighbor's dog, a Pomeranian that she subsequently names, "QueeQueg," from a character in Moby Dick.  (Clyde Bruckman's Final Repose)

During an investigation of an alleged alien autopsy involving Japanese scientists, Saint Scully meets a group of Mutual UFO Network members, women, who all have been mysteriously abducted. They claim to recognize Scully , and all appear to have had the same implant at the back of their necks. Saint Scully discovers that the women are dying of a mysterious cancer. (Nisei)

Scully encounters a member of the mysterious Consortium and is led to believe that it is human beings and the government that has been performing inhuman tests on abductees and that alien abductions are just a smokescreen. (731)

Saint Scully is seemingly led by God to protect a young boy, another sign of Scully's sainthood. (Revelations)

Assistant Director Skinner informs Saint Scully that her sister's murder case is to be made inactive. (Piper Maru)

Saint Scully discovers that a man who recently shot Assistant Director Skinner and killed her sister Melissa are one and the same. Scully learns that the shooter is a mercenary named Luis Cardinal. After another failed attempt on Skinner's life, Scully catches Cardinal, who subsequently dies in jail under questionable circumstances.  (Apocrypha)

Saint Scully's dog, QueeQueg, is apparently eaten by an alligator. On this same case Saint Scully reveals to Mulder that her father nicknamed her Starbuck and she nicknamed him Ahab from the book Moby Dick.  (Quagmire)

Saint Scully falls victim to mind-control experiments involving television signals. (Wetwired)

Saint Scully is jailed for contempt of Congress, after concealing the whereabouts of her partner, Fox Mulder. (Terma)

The beginning of the "Scully Arc of 1997," Saint Scully gets an indication that she may have cancer. (Leonard Betts)

The middle of the so-called "Scully Arc of 1997," Saint Scully reexamines her life and her life choices. After going alone on an assignment, she has a date with Ed Jerse. By the end of the evening, Saint Scully has a tattoo of a snake eating its own tail emblazoned on her back.  It is sadly unclear what else may have happened that night. (Never Again)

Saint Scully is diagnosed with inoperable cancer. In the course of her investigation, she discovers that all but one of the women she met in the MUFON group (see Nisei) have died of the same type of cancer. Scully begins treatment, then finds out that the doctor in charge is part of the genetic project and that the treatment may have been intended to hasten her death rather than heal her. Meanwhile, Fox Mulder discovers a facility housing the ova of the women who were abducted, leaving them barren. Scully's ova is among them. Clones, products of the abduction experiments, are working to find a way to save "their mothers."  (Memento Mori)

During an investigation of an airplane crash that may have involved a possible collision with a UFO, Agent Pendrell is shot and killed. Just after the shooting, St. Scully's nose bleeds--the first time that the Blessed One's terminal cancer is alluded to since Memento Mori. A.D. Skinner, noticing Scully's condition, suggests that he may pull her out of the field to keep her condition from worsening. (Max)

Following an investigation into the births of several babies with tails in a small town, Mulder and Scully return to Washington, D.C. Problem is, it's not really Mulder Scully has returned with. The man responsible for the births, Eddie Van Blundht, has the unique ability to transform himself into the image of anyone. Impersonating Agent Mulder, Van Blundht visits St. Scully's apartment, bottle of wine in tow. During the course of the evening, St. Scully tells a story about what appears to be her high school prom and the love of her life in 12th grade--"Marcus." Also, St. Scully comes dangerously close to the SMAK (Scully Mulder Almost Kiss). We have to admit it--there seems to be an inclining of more than just "partnerly" feelings afoot here. (Small Potatoes)

Although St. Scully doesn't appear in this episode, we learn from Mulder that she is in the hospital undergoing tests, and that her doctor is afraid that her cancer may be "metastasizing."  (Zero Sum)

During a murder investigation, St. Scully sees a ghostly apparition that may be an omen of her own impending death. She suffers yet another nosebleed, and we learn that she has been having weekly checkups with the doctor. She also pays a second visit to FBI Counselor Karen Kosseff, and discusses her fears, the vision she saw, and the strength and support Mulder has provided to her. By the episode's end, St. Scully sits quietly in her car, crying, facing head on the fear of her own impending death. (Elegy)

A discovery of what may be an extraterrestrial body frozen in ice leads to an apparent Mulder and Scully confrontation and possible break as well as Mulder's apparent suicide. The episode offers viewers a glimpse into St. Scully's family life, when her big brother Bill (a naval officer) attends a family dinner. The brother and sister later have words over her medical condition and her allegiance to Mulder. Also invited to the dinner (by St. Scully's mother of course) is the Scully family priest, who tries unsuccessfully (at the behest of Scully's mom) to persuade Dana to return to her faith. We also learn during this episode that Scully's health has worsened, and that the cancer is now in her blood stream. (Gethsemane)

Fall 1997
St. Scully, using her awesome scientific powers, is able to track down the genetic cause of her illness and provide scientific evidence connecting her cancer to a larger conspiracy. Yet just when she is ready to present the evidence, her cancer overtakes her, and she hovers near death. (Redux

Fall 1997
The Blessed Day of Remission!!! St. Scully is hospitalized and near death, but with the help of modern medicine, a mysterious chip inserted back into her neck, the rediscovery of her religious faith, and her own determination, strength, and will power, St. Scully survives. Which one was it that actually saved her? We may never know.  (Redux II)

December 1997
Let the St. Scully torture begin! On Christmas vacation at her brother and sister-in-law's house in San Diego, St. Scully receives a series of mysterious phone calls from what sounds like her deceased sister Melissa. The calls eventually lead The Blessed One to a three-year-old child named Emily, whom St. Scully finds out is genetically her daughter. This news is more than mysterious, it is downright miraculous, since St. Scully tells us earlier in the episode that she cannot conceive a child because of "what was done to me" during her abduction. We also learn in this episode that St. Scully has been reassessing her "priorities" since she was first diagnosed with cancer. (First of a two-part episode.)  (Christmas Carol)

December 1997- January 1998
The St. Scully torture reaches its zenith, when Scully, with Mulder's assistance, discovers that Emily is the product of the green goo genetic project. Needless to say, the child dies, and St. Scully is left alone again--naturally. "Christmas Carol" and "Emily" *feel* like an important turning point in St. Scully's life, but we will have to see....  (Emily)

So you thought St. Scully's abduction experience was over? Think again. The Blessed Bearer of the Remission Chip is being called by forces unknown to gather with other former abductees. For what purpose, no one quite knows. She recalls the experience under hypnosis, UFOs and all, and for the first time begins to truly consider the possibility that the forces behind her kidnapping might have been extraterrestrial after all. (Patient X/The Red and the Black)

As Scullycentric as they come. Once again, the Lord himself seems to be calling Scully to assist him in his earthly battle between good and evil, this one involving angels and the Dark Lord himself. Scully takes another step toward regaining her faith, and in the process, comes to terms with the loss of her daughter, Emily. (All Souls)

May 1998
Five years worth of work (and countless more for Fox Mulder) goes up in smoke as the basement office is destroyed by arson. A fire of a different kind (jealousy perhaps?) also erupts as St. Scully confronts her feelings (personal and professional) for Fox Mulder when she encounters Mulder's former lover and partner, Diana Fowley. (The End)

June 19, 1998
St. Scully and Mulder's partnership is dissolved, with Scully reassigned to Salt Lake City, after a federal building bombing incident. All roads lead to extraterrestrial involvement, of course, and also to *almost* physical intimacy between our Saint and her partner. However, a hallway kiss between the two is interrupted by a bee that stings The Blessed One, infecting her with an alien virus. Mulder rescues her, and The X-Files Division is re-opened. (The X-Files - movie)

Fall 1998
The Blessed One comes down with a case of the "woozies" and seems to have forgotten most of their adventures over the summer. St. Scully and her partner are pulled off the X-Files and given demeaning assignments under a new Assistant Director (Kersh). (The Beginning, early season 6 episodes)

November 16, 1998
St. Scully pulls no punches as she attempts to rescue her partner from a Bermuda Triangle "mishap". Later, after she has saved him once again, Mulder tells her she saved the world and that he loves her. (Triangle)

Christmas Eve, 1998
The Blessed One spends another delightful holiday season this time joining Mulder in a joint hallucination where they shoot each other. Merry Christmas Scully! (How the Ghosts Stole Christmas)

January 4, 1999
Assigned to work with a green agent St. Scully is shot in the stomach by the idiot while wearing the same blouse she wore Christmas Eve. She makes a miraculous recovery when the suspect she was talking to (Fellig) looks at death so she may live. (Tithonus)

January 1999
Lots of stuff happens that makes little sense, but the net result is that a lot of irritating consortium members are dead, the aliens appear to be on their way, and Scully is back on the X-Files with Mulder. (Two Fathers / One Son)

February 1999
The Blessed One finds out she is the subject of a novel! Too bad the author turns out to be a stalker. Foolishly she wears that same white shirt again and almost has her heart ripped out through it this time. (Milagro)

Spring 1999
St. Scully actually seems to be enjoying herself and life (well part of the time she was drugged), but still she laughs, plays baseball, eats faux ice cream, and holds court in a Vegas bar. (The Unnatural, Three of a Kind)

May 1999
The fun is over, and the discovery of yet another "key to everything in the X-Files" is discovered. This time it is a piece of artifact. St. Scully goes through a lot of soul searching about her beliefs while her partner just goes mad. The Blessed One may need to rethink this whole aliens thing as she finds herself standing on a UFO. (Biogenesis)

Fall 1999
Having discovered a UFO in Africa, St. Scully's eye no longer twitches when she says the word "extraterrestrial." Ding dong the witch is dead - Diana Fowley dies. (The Sixth Extinction, The Sixth Extinction II: Amor Fati)

New Year's Eve 1999
Even though she knows it is not REALLY the new millennium St. Scully celebrates the new year by allowing Mulder to kiss her. On the lips. Amazingly for the first time no one is injured in the process. (Millennium)

Winter 2000
The Blessed One gets tired of having to deal with Donnie Pfaster. So she kills him. She does feel bad afterwards. (Orison)

January 2000
St. Scully finds out from her partner that she's wasted the last seven years, been abducted, almost died countless times and lost family members looking for his sister when she was starlight all along. Oopsie! (Closure)

Spring 2000
The Blessed One becomes a reluctant celebrity by starring in a TV show, having a video character modeled after her, and having her life brought to the silver screen as well. She even gets a little vacation, but unfortunately it is with CancerMan. (X-Cops, First Person Shooter, Hollywood A.D., En Ami)

April 2000
It's a real miracle. After seven years of foreplay Scully appears to have had sex with Mulder after deciding she was on the right path after all. (all things)

June 2000
Another miracle! The Blessed One is pregnant even though she was barren. Too bad Mulder got abducted by those pesky aliens before he could find out too. (Requiem)