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The Sacred Stories of St. Scully

Autumn's Reviews

La..'s Reading Recommendations..

A Fable
written by Doc Aay

The Never Again Page
The "Never Again" page

This isn't the place to find fanfic. There are plenty of websites devoted entirely to that, but I thought I'd link to several fabulous stories that, in various ways, truly capture the spirit of the OBSSE...  and just happen to be a few of my favorites.

Arizona Highways by Fialka
Fialka's Homepage

Aspirations of Closure by Jill Selby
Jill's Homepage

The Shadow of his Wings by Marguerite
Marguerite's Homepage
No Greater Love
by Karen Rasch
Karen's Homepage

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The Severed Reviews

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A few highlights from the
OBSSE Mailing List

linkAn Interview with Claude Van Damn Bee 
"The Wrong-Haired and The Prancy" 
Rokken Robin's Tribute to Travelers... NOT
"Eulogy For The Well Done Man"


The OBSSE Scully Episode Guide

Link to X-Files University

XFU University
The first School of Higher Education for The X-Files on the Internet. This University was formed to present X-Philes with an actual degree to show for all their knowledge. 

Of special interest:
The Department of Enigmatic Studies,
College of Dana Scully

D O C T O R A T E S 

Is Scully Psychic?
by Sonya

Death and the Maiden: Dana Scully's Bete Noire
by Michael R. Siebert

God Wills It: Dana Scully as Templar
by Michael R. Siebert

Milagro: A Religious Perspective
by Michael R. Siebert

Constellation of Scully: An Astrological Analysis
by AJ Hammond 

M A S T E R S  

One Breath: The Emergence of Dana Scully as Mystic
by Michael R. Siebert