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Origins of the Order | The OBSSE Today
A Note From Gillian | The OBSSE and NF, Inc.


Origins of The Order

La.., RevMa & Autumn

The Order of the Blessed Saint Scully the Enigmatic (OBSSE) was founded in 1995 by fans of the FOX television show, "The X-Files" who enjoyed the wonderful and enigmatic character of FBI Special Agent Dana Scully. 

These avowed "Scullyists" led by Nancy (no clever sig) always knew that Agent Scully was virtually perfect, however, it wasn't until the Revelation of Saint Scully in the episode, "Clyde Bruckman's Final Repose," that the Blessed One's divinity was truly revealed. From the Holy Words of St. Scully, we quote:

Saint Scully: "So how do I die?" 
Clyde Bruckman: "You don't" 


Her divine nature was made known to X-Philekind! This, combined with her cosmic intelligence, strength of character, high moral standards (well... usually), unrelenting dedication to truth and justice, opposition to evil, loyalty, faith, compassion, professional dress and demeanor, and inexplicable unwavering friendship for one Fox Mulder has made her an exemplary role model for all. 

Nancy (No Clever Sig) soon became known as the RevMa and the Order was born. Aided by co-leader Sister Autumn the OBSSE thrived and grew to encompass many websites, an active mailing list, and a chat room and now stands at well over 2000 Sisters and Brothers in over 25 different nations. Nancy Cotton retired from the Order in 1999.

The OBSSE Today

 Lens, Paula, Autumn, La.. & Colin

The tremendous growth of the Order soon called for an OBSSE leadership council. Leading the OBSSE these days is Sister Autumn and the OBSSE council of Elders, whose names, duties, and functions are listed below. Questions about the OBSSE or the OBSSE Mailing List and Chats may be directed to any of the OBSSE Council of Elders or sent to 

 OBSSE Leader 
Name: Autumn Tysko 
Duties: Admit new members, oversee and organize official chats, oversee and maintain mailing list,  contribute to newsletter as needed. 
Elder of Projects & Graphic Design 
Name: Sister La..Dee..Da.. 
Duties: Lead and/or organizes OBSSE special projects (fundraisers, marathons, etc.), lead web site designer, maintains the Abbey library, contributes graphics to the newsletter, assists with chats and the mailing list administration. 
 Elder of the Newsletter 
Name: Sister Paula 
Duties: Newsletter editor for "News for the OBSSEsed", assists with chats and the mailing list administration. 
 Elder of Minion Relations 
Name: Sister Lens-of-Science 
Duties: Assists with membership issues, chats and the mailing list administration. 
 Elder at Large (aka Abbey Handyman) 
Name: Brother Colin 
Duties: Maintains the OBSSE Rules and Information site, makes one bad decision a year for the Abbey, and assists with chats and the mailing list administration. 

 Elderette of the Mailing List 
Name: Sister Mary Greten 
Duties: Keeper of the OBSSE Mailing List Rules and Official List Greeter.

A Note From Gillian .

Shortly after the Order was formed the Elders sent a letter to Gillian Anderson on behalf of all the Brothers and Sisters of the OBSSE. We included with the letter some of our more entertaining website information and copies of the OBSSE newsletter in hopes that she would be amused by our homage. Turns out she was indeed and the Earthly Incarnation of The Blessed One blessed this Abbey with a photo and note for all to share in:


If you can't make out the text, well, we're here to help:

To the entire "OBSSE"-- 
I got a huge kick out of the web site samples.
Thanks for the homage! 

This photo, like many others on this site, is owned by Fox Broadcasting Corporation. No copyright infringement is intended. We're only sharing Gillian's gift to the Order.

The OBSSE and NF, Inc.

Early in the history of the OBSSE the Order began to look for ways of expressing our thanks to Gillian Anderson for giving us such a wonderful character to worship and for bringing us all together. We decided that donating to Gillian Anderson's favorite charity, NF, Inc. was the way to go about doing this.

Neurofibromatosis, pronounced Neuro-fi-bro-ma-to-sis, (NF for short), is a genetic disorder of the nervous system that causes tumors to form on the nerves anywhere in the body at any time. This progressive disorder affects all ethnic races and both sexes equally. NF is one of the most common genetic disorders in the United States, (one in every 3,000 to 4,000 births), even though not many people are familiar with it. Gillian Anderson, who is a member of an NF family, is an active spokesperson for this cause.

NF, Inc. is a US organization made up of independent state and regional chapters, providing support and services to NF families. In addition to assisting individuals and families. NF, Inc. works closely with clinical and research professionals who specialize in the treatment of NF. We have also worked with the following international organizations: L'Association de la Neurofibromatose de Quebec (Canada), British Columbia Neurofibromatosis Foundation (Canada), Neurofibromatosis Association of Ontario (Canada), Neurofibromatosis Association of Alberta (Canada), NF Association of Novia Scotia (Canada), Neurofibromatosis Association (United Kingdom) and the Neurofibromatosis Association of WA (Australia).

Our first NF fundraiser was held in December of 1997. It was a simple donation effort for the then fledgling Abbey, but we still managed to raise $2,175.36 with our efforts.

Then we got really serious. Every May, during Neurofibromatosis Awareness Month, we of the OBSSE now host Scully Marathons to benefit NF, Inc as our way of honoring Gillian Anderson for her wonderful work on The X-Files. These "Scullythons" as we call them are open to the public and held all over the world. They consist of watching as a group in most cases, between 10-12 "Scullycentric" episodes of The X-Files. People who attend are encouraged to make a donation themselves as well as getting others to "sponsor" them for the day.

In May of 1999 we had our first event of this kind. We held 16 events in four different countries and raised a total of $13,207


When Gillian heard about our efforts for this event she not only sent along a letter to be read before the marathons to the participants but also sent the following to the Order at it's conclusion:

I want to compliment OBSSE for sponsoring this innovative project to call attention to NF during "May as NF Awareness Month."

And also a special thanks to all of the site coordinators and volunteers in the United States and internationally for your resourcefulness and hard work, I thank you from the bottom of my heart. You are not only heightening the public's awareness of NF, but raising much needed funds as well.

You are all doing an incredible job in your support of this worthwhile cause, and that in itself is a priceless gift for everyone.

Thank you, thank you, thank you.

Gillian Anderson

In May of 2000 we got even bigger and better. This time we held 28 events and raised over $22,759.89 in funds.


Gillian wrote to us again to express her thanks, this time saying:

To all the members of OBSSE across the world---                 

Thank you all so so much for your continued support of Scully and for NF and for putting together all those cards and booklets to show me what everyone has been up to. I particularly liked the one that was done while the episodes were playing - in the dark - it felt strangely like I was there in the dark with you - like a kid under a blanket with a flashlight. You guys are just the best and you're doing such great work and for all the right reasons.

There are a lot more "Scully" episodes coming up so be prepared to be up really late during the next marathons.

Big hugs to you all....


In July of 2000 the leaders of the OBSSE were invited by NF, Inc. to represent the Order at a Congressional luncheon as thanks for the work that we have done in raising money for their organization. It was an extremely rewarding experience to get the chance to meet so many people from the NF organization around the United States and hear first hand how our fundraising efforts are touching people's lives and how extremely grateful they are. The most rewarding part was that during this luncheon and the reception later every single chapter head from the local groups and every person associated with NF, Inc. came over to us to thank the OBSSE for what we have done.

Person after person told us that for years the only folks working for or raising money for NF were the families of people that had NF. That what we are doing has made a tremendous impact on getting the word out and gathering support.

Our experiences with these events have encouraged many Abbey members to individually or in groups continue working with both the national NF organization and local chapters. Our members have participated in other fundraising events, assisted with auctions and symposiums, designed shirts and Christmas cards to be sold for the charity, and even stuffed envelopes. Everyone who has taken the time to meet and work with the people of the NF organization has felt rewarded by the experience.

The OBSSE is tremendously pleased with the success of these events and encourages you to participate with us this May when, once again, a Scully Marathon will be playing in a city near you.

Scully Marathon Website

If you'd like to make a donation to our friends at NF Inc you can send it to:

Neurofibromatosis Inc.
8855 Annapolis Road, Suite 110
Lanham, MD 20706-2924