Take me home!

    Back when I was in the OBSSE, this song was used as one
of the sacred hymns of the Abbey. Now that I have seen the light and have 
found my way to Fowley...well it only seemed right that our Lady of
Perpetually Perky Playtex had her own version...so I give to you... 

She Blinded Me With Nipples
by Reade

to the tune of "She Blinded Me With Science" by Thomas Dolby 

She's poetry in motion 
She turned her ample breasts to me 
As pert as any mountain 
As firm as any watermelon 
Mmm  - but she blinded me with nipples 
"She blinded me with nipples!" 
And awed me in Biogenesis 

When I'm dancing close to her 
"Blinding me with nipples - nipples!" 
I can smell the silicone 
"Blinding me with nipples - nipples!" 

Mmm - but she's poetry in motion 
And when she turned her boobs to me 
As pert as any mountain 
As firm as any watermelon 
Mmm  - but she blinded me with nipples 
And stunned me with her playtex 

When she's prancing next to me 
"Blinding me with nipples - nipples!" 
I can hear the 
"Blinding me with nipples-nipples!" 

She's poetry in motion 
And now she's making love with him 
The sheets are in commotion 
And I'm jealous of both of them 
She blinded me with nipples 
"She blinded me with nipples!" 
And hit me with personality 

"Good heavens Miss Fowley - you're beautiful!" 
I - 
I don't believe it! 
There they are  again! 
There lifted up, and I can't see anything! 
All the latex and underwire 
With good engineering 
And structural support 

But! - she's poetry in motion 
And when she turned her bazooms to me 
As pert as any mountain 
As firm as any watermelon 
Mmm  - but she blinded me with nipples 
"She blinded me with - with nipples!" 
She blinded me with - 

Thanks to Sister Kristen P for the Nipple Idea :)  You truly 
understand the glory that is Fowley. 

Cup of Life
by Beth

stolen from the prancy yet catchy Ricky Martin

Do you wanna see 'em?  (3) 
Yes Yes Yes, Fow-ley Fow-ley Fow-ley (2) 
Yes, Yes, Yes, Here we go -- DIANA! 

The cup of life, Playtex so sweet, 
Just cram them in until they meet. 
Push them right in, don't ever stop, 
Watch them spill out, over the top. 

And Mulder's sitting there, 
He cannot help but stare. 
"Come over here, my dear, if you really want it!" 
He takes her in his arms, 
She's full of busty charm. 
"Allow me to strip my bra!  Do you want to see em?"  "Yeah!" 
"Do you want to see 'em?"  "Yeah!!" 
"Do you want to see 'em?"  "YEAHHHHHH!" 

Here we go!  Fow-ley, Fow-ley, Fow-ley! 
Go Go Go!  Let's see those double D's. 
Tonight's the night, they're gonna swing so free, 
Yes, Yes, Yes!  Fow-ley, Fow-ley, Fow-ley! 

He takes a breath, buries his face. 
They're still encased,  cotton and lace. 
She reaches back, undoes the strap. 
"C'mon, my Fox!  It's no time to nap!" 

And when he feels her heat, 
he's kneeling at her feet. 
Nothing can hold him down, 
Mulder really wants it! 
They're bobbing out in space, 
A leer upon her face. 
"Reach for the cup of life, 
Get your mouth right on it!" 
"Yes I really want it ... 
Yes I really want it ...." 

Here we go!  Fow-ley, Fow-ley, Fow-ley! 
Mulder's here, he wants to come and see. 
Tonight's the night, don't let him slip away! 
Thrust out that chest and lure him, make him stay. 

She's so HOT!  Fow-ley, Fow-ley, Fow-ley. 
And Scully's NOT!  Her cups are only C's. 
Let's praise Fow-ley, her rack is really great! 
Long live the bra, the Playtex of our Saint. 

Blue Playtex
by Loa

to the tune of "Blue Monday" by New Order


How does it feel?  To Playtex like you do? 
To grab those straps and tighten,
till cleavage pops right through.
I thought I was mistaken, 
I thought I could resist, 
tell me how does it feel? 
Do you like when I do this?

Those who came before me 
Were so very many 
that I feel I wasn't any 
kind of man for you.
And oh, I find it so hard
to take off your bra and say, 
that I hope that you will tell me 
just what kind of game we'll play


I see a bra on the chair back
You're naked and all oily
and if it wasn't for this gold thong thing
I'd be a happy Mulder today
And you told me that you loved me
and would be my sugar mama,
Can I wear your bra?
Tell me now, can I wear your bra?

Now I stand here waiting,
I thought I'd look good in Playtex
but you look oh so much better.
Tell me how does it feel,
to cross - your - heart all day?


Fowley's Gazongas
by Squat

to the tune of "Copacabana"

Her name is Fowley, she is an agent
An agent of the FBI, and she's a snitch for which to die
Some people say that she is a real bag
A really evil skanky ho
Who really really ought to go
But hey, right off the bat
We know bet-ter than that
She wears those fabboo twin turbo bras now
And we think that's phat!
Her Gazongas!  Those great Gazongas!
The biggest boobs north of Bahamas!
Fowley's Gazongas! Those huge Gazoooon-gaaas
No downward drifting!
We find them uplifting!
Those Gazooon-gaaas -- those Mamm'ries of Loooove.

Her name is Scully, she has a flat chest
She really tries to pump them up, but she can barely fill a cup
And she's so desperate to get a profile
That she wears push-up bras to bed, now how pathetic can you get?
Those little sweaters, hah!
Why bother with a bra?
We'd rather gawk at our Hooter Angel
Want a rack? Voila!
Her Gazongas!  Those great Gazongas!
The biggest boobs north of Bahamas!
Fowley's Gazongas!  Those huge Gazoooon-gaaas
Poor Scully's hurtin'
'Cause we love for certain
Those Gazooon-gaaas -- those Tatas of Loooove.

Now it is night time, and Agent Fowley
Is busy calling CSM, though she's just boinked poor Mulder numb
And are we angry at her deception?
No, we're just terribly impressed, she has to bypass so much breast
To reach the phone that's there
All Fox can do is stare
It doesn't matter she's selling him out --
Those tits are everywhere!
Her Gazongas!  Those Great Gazongas!
The biggest boobs north of Bahamas!
Fowley's Gazongas!  Those huge Gazoooon-gaaas
Mulder don't mind it
Because he is blinded
By Gazooon-gaaas -- those Highbeams of Loooove.

Diana Fowley
by All4Fowley@aol.com (aka Liz)

to the tune of "Mellow Yellow," 'cuz I 
LOOOOVE those Gap commercials!

I can't wait for a-Sunday
She's there waiting for me
Have to watch on a-Sunday
She's what an agent should be

Just call Diana Fowley
Just call Diana Fowley
Just call Diana Fowley

God, she's so cute with Foxy
Mulder's no Spender-y creep
Yeah, she's so cute with Foxy
Hazel eyes luscious and deep


She's so pert and so perky
She's got substance and style
Why's that Scully so jerky?
D. outclasses her by a mile!


Take Your Shirt Off One More Time
by Sassejenn

to the tune of "Baby One More Time" by Britney Spears

(Verse 1)
Oh Fowley Fowley, how was I supposed to know
What was under your black suit
Oh Fowley Fowley, I shouldn't have let you go
Off-camera for commercial

Hooters, giant pert gazongas
Strip down Fowley, cause I want to see what you've got

(Chorus 1)
Your sexiness is killing me (and I)
I must confess, I liked Scully (liked Scully)
When you're not on screen, I lose my mind
"Dressed to the nines"!
Take your shirt off one more time

(Verse 2)
Oh Fowley Fowley, the reason I watch is you
Your hooters have me blinded
Oh Fowley baby, I know you want Mulder, too
It's not how we would have it

Tell him that you think just like him
Call him Fox, and then flash the 18-Hour wonder

(repeat Chorus 1)

Oh Playtex Playtex, oh titties titties, hey hooters

Oh Foxy One, that blouse simply has to go
Oh sexy agent, I want all the world to know

(Chorus 2)
Your silicon is enticing me
It's jiggling now
I love that you "want to believe"
Now work with me here
Diana, be mine
Take your shirt off one more time

(repeat Chorus 1 & 2)

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