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Welcome to the OUSFH!
(pronounced "owz-feh")

You've found The One, True Abbey
The virtual home of playtex loving Fowley fans worldwide. 
Sure, some may mock and say "How can you worship a skanky old ho like Fowley" but allow us to bear witness to the glory of She Of the Holy White Undergarment.

Members' Testimonials

I used to love Scully.  I guess I still do in a way, but when I saw Diana in that bra, with her breasts rounded up and pointed in the right direction, I knew she was an example of everything that was right with womanhood.  She practically glowed with inner beauty and strength.  And she is the only one who understands poor poor Mulder...

So I've cast off my black underwire in favour of 18 hour Playtex. She is an example we should all follow...


I can honestly say that the appearance of Diana Fowley changed my life.  Before The Holiest Of Scenes in which Our Most Uplifted Saint revealed her glorious Playtex to the world, I was ashamed of my breasts.  In fact I was even bitter towards them, as their size made it difficult to find bras in my size.  I envied my friends with their small, perky breasts and cute bras from such places as Victoria's Secret, (which we all know is part of the government's conspiracy to distract Mulder from his search for the Truth). Thanks to the Blessed Baring of the Bra from The Well-Endowed One, I discovered the glories of Cross-Your-Heart 18-Hour bras, which I wear exclusively now.  Thanks to TWEO, I feel comfortable, and beautiful in my bras.  Thank you, dear St. Diana!

Yours in St. Diana,
Wild Kat

Favorite Fowley Episode:  One Son.  Ooh, that kiss!  ----JIGGLE----

Favorite Fowley Quote:  "You need proof, Fox. You're so close. Why can't you  see that?"

Why you would make a good OUSDH candidate:  Diana has it all.  Looks, style, brains.  How else could she have taken over the X-Files?  And the sparks between Diana and Mulder?  You'd have to be blind to miss *that.*  I mean, really.  It's obvious who the *real* female lead is on TXF.  Scully?  HA! She's crying every five minutes.  And who's she trying to kid with that goody-goody Catholic school girl cross?  Puh-leeze, tattoo girl--stop lying to us all and get a life! 

Mary Sue Gibson

I admired Fowley ever since she first appeared in The End.  Unlike Mulder's partner, Fowley has always supported and believed in his theories--and as everyone knows, it's really all about Mulder and his quest.  I was a little worried when she was shot defending Gibson Praise, but she's really established herself as a major player who can get in bed with the best of them. I thought I was alone until I came across this group.  I'm so glad that there are others who appreciate her for the full, well-rounded character that she is, and I'm so glad to be/become a part.


Favorite Fowley Quote: "Fox."

Why I would make a good OUSFH candidate:
I love that Diana is, in her own words, determined "to make sure someone served your interests.  Someone who believes in the work. Hey, you and I found the X-Files together."

Favorite Fowley Moment:
That tense scene with CSM, just laden with undercurrents.  Well, that and when she TOOK HER SHIRT OFF!  Woohoo!



Come, Holy Diana,
Fill the wimples of your
dedicated sibliren and make
the fire of your "pure evil"
burn within us.
Send forth your twin torpedoes
and there shall be a new
creation to worship!
And you shall renew
the faithfulness of the Abbey!


Hello...I am applying for admittance to your Order because of my deep, undying love for...well, you know who! The one we all worship...the one it's All About...the one who ALWAYS lifts and separates. Yes, Special Agent Diana Fowley. 

I first noticed Fowley in the episode in which she was introduced, "The End." She appealed to me immediately because she was such an intriguing, original, well-written character. I mean, who would ever have thought to give Mulder a mysterious ex-girlfriend from the past who showed up randomly at a convenient time to wreak havoc in his life and cause him to question his principles and loyalties? It's sheer GENIUS! What a twist! No wonder they pay Chris Carter the big bucks!!

I very much enjoyed the jealousy plotline between Scully and Fowley. That Scully is entirely too smug and full of herself, and it was good for her to get shaken up a bit by someone as suave and charming and open-minded as Fowley. Maybe THAT will teach TSW to listen to Mulder's opinions a little better! I mean, why would Mulder want to hang around with Scully, who thinks so differently from him and challenges his assumptions and is always bringing her divergent perspective to any situation, when he could be with Fowley, who agrees with everything he says without even having to think about it?

When Fowley was shot at the end of that episode, I was shocked! I was in a terrible state of suspense all summer. Would my new favorite character survive? One the one hand, I thought, why would Chris Carter kill off such a strong and delightful addition to the show as Agent Fowley? On the other hand, though, she did get SHOT, and it's not like you can just get shot on The X-Files and be fine the next week, or come back from the dead or anything! If only that bullet had come through the window a LITTLE earlier, it would have clocked that annoying little Scully in the head instead. But no. I worried all summer, and I wept tears of joy when Diana was proven to be alive in Season 6's best episode, "The Beginning." (And I was delighted to see her teamed up with Agent Spender - what a dynamic pair! Television just doesn't GET any better than that!)

And I have to admit that, even though I don't normally swing that way, Fowley makes me all tingly down there! I mean, in "Biogenesis" when she took off that shirt and revealed her sensual undercarriage - HOOBOY! No one could remain unmoved by that RAW display of pure quivering womanhood! I admit I rewound it about 50 times! And I made a screen capture and it's my desktop wallpaper to this day. I'm not afraid to admit it!

Well, I can only imagine what Season 7 will hold for Fowley. I have a couple of crazy ideas, like - hold onto your hat, now - What if Fowley turned out to be SAMANTHA?? No one would EVER see that coming. Or, even better and more unexpected - what if Fowley is Mulder's ex-wife! I don't know if you ever noticed, since it was very very subtle, but in one episode that took place in the past Mulder was shown to be wearing a wedding ring. It was quick, but I spotted it! You can see it when Mulder brings up his hand to casually sweep his hair back. I just know Chris Carter and his staff meticulously planted that in there, after plotting it out for months in advance, as part of some exciting grand plan for the characters. I can't wait to find out what he has in store! 

Maybe Mulder and Fowley will even get remarried in a February sweeps episode. I'm sure Fowley would have a long beautiful white gown with a tight bodice. Spender could be Mulder's best man (SPENDER LIVES!). Hey, I think I'll go write a fanfic about that...

Editor's note:
For a first look at an EXCLUSIVE pic from an upcoming episode CLICK HERE

So I hope you find me worthy to join your wonderful OUSFH. As you can see, I'm a FowleyFanatic! If you could tell me by tomorrow at 9 I'd really appreciate it. Otherwise I think I'll get a little antsy. A simple yes or no, and a short or medium-length essay expounding on your opinion of my positive qualities, will suffice.


Cathy B.
Fowley Forever!

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