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The Test

1.  You are protecting a boy whom you believe is able to read minds.  He tells you that a gunman is about to shoot you.  You:

a.  Grab him and drop to the floor.
b.  Run to another room and call for back-up.
c.  Immediately stroll to the window to take a gander.

2.  You are feeling jealous of your ex-husband's/ex-boyfriend's/ex-boytoy's relationship with his partner.  You:

a.  Hold in your feelings, hoping that he will on his own come to his senses and realize 
     that he still loves you.
b.  Try to use your power at the FBI to break up their partnership.
c.  Break into his apartment, kidnap them both, and force them to take a long, hot, 
     naked shower together.

3.  You are concerned that your colleagues do not trust you.  In order to gain their trust, you:

a.  Bring in donuts to work everyday.
b.  Smuggle X-Files to them.
c.  Move into an apartment at the Watergate.

4.  Which episode do you prefer?

a.  Memento Mori
b.  Never Again
c.  One Son

5.  Your ex-something has suddenly come down with a bout of schizophrenia.  In order to help him, you:

a.  Immediately call a doctor.
b.  Check his water main for LSD.
c.  Take off your shirt and use your Bra of Doom to frighten his schizophrenia away.

6.  You want to move up the hierarchy at the FBI.  You:

a.  Work long hours on respectable cases and abandon your social life.
b.  Make a name for yourself as an up-and-coming profiler.
c.  Start livin' la vida loca with Cancerous Geriatric Bastard (CGB) Spender. CLICK HERE

If you answered "C" to all of the questions, you are a prime candidate for the OUSDH!!

The End

I think Agent Mulder is right.

There were things at home I decided I wanted to get back to.

I've witnessed clairvoyants who were over 90% accurate and seen telepathy being demonstrated but I don't know I've ever witnessed anything quite like this.

Agent Mulder and I spent some time in psychiatric hospitals.

I'm out of practice with this stuff.  But you seem at the top of your game.

I sense you could have used an ally, though--someone who thinks like you, with some background.

She's not what I would call an open mind on the subject.

I'm sure there were times when two like minds on a case would have been advantageous.

Hey ... I'm on your side.

The Beginning

Hey, you and I found the X-Files together.  Don't forget that.

You're so close. Why can't you see that?

You're not under the impression what we're looking for makes sense in any conventional way?

Fox!  I'm going to go see if there's some other way in.

Two Fathers / One Son

I'll help you.  It's not too late.

I'm going to beg for your understanding and forgiveness and offer my humblest apologies for the way this went down.  I didn't have a lot of choices.

Cassandra Spender had contracted a highly contagious vectoring organism which produces a spontaneous cellular breakdown and combustion.

What motives are you suspecting?


I received a call from Agent Mulder this evening.  He was in a particular state of distress.  I don't know why, but I'm staying here until I find out. 

Thank you for coming.  He was asking for you last night.

Now, you know my background, my previous work on the X-Files.  If I can help on this case...

If you know what's happening, why won't you tell me? 

He said I was the only one who'd believe him...

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