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Welcome! You've successfully found the OBSSE Abbey, the virtual home of fun loving Scully fans worldwide. Our Brothers and Sisters are known to take a break from their work every so often and enjoy some quality time in the lounge, pool, or screening room. Visit us often for a laugh or to commune with your fellow Sisters and Brothers of The Blessed One.

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If you are new to the OBSSE and wonder what the heck we are, we invite you to get started by taking a look in our Historical Wing to learn about the history of the Order or Chapel to find out more about the life and wisdom of Her Pantsuitedness. Or feel free to wander the Abbey at your leisure. If you think you too have what it takes to be a member, once you get through the Front Gate stop by our Hall of Admittance. Enjoy your visit in our home.

 The Abbey is an Archive

The Abbey is frozen in time. The only updating that will likely happen from time to time is the removal of dead outbound links.

 What's New at the Abbey 
Updated 11/13/01

We're baaaaack. Just in time to distract you from the new season of the neXt-Files, we give you the Summer edition of News for the OBSSEsed. For the fourth year in a row, members of the OBSSE worldwide gathered together for what has now become a much beloved ritual of summer - FEST. This year over 100 Brothers and Sisters made the Journey to Winter Park to enjoy each other's company. The newsletter chronicles the event which at this point has pretty much nothing to do about the X-Files and everything to do about a group of adults just having a great time with friends. Really crazy friends. You can find this latest edition in the Abbey Media Center.

We've also just finished selecting the lineup for the OBSSE's fourth annual Scully Marathons. Check out the marathon site for a preview of what's to come next May. If you want to find out more about our charity work, there's a section in the Historical Wing that discusses the Abbey's history of fundraising efforts for NF, Inc.

The OBSSE mailing list has officially closed to new members. The mailing list is now at 600 members, and unable to accept anymore people at this time.

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Members, If you'd like to pick up a banner and display your OBSSE affiliation on your website, we've got plenty for you to choose from at the OBSSE Banner Page. If you are not an OBSSE member please contact us at askobsse@yahoo.com for permission to display our banner.



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This OBSSE site was maintained by Autumn Tysko and Sister La. Dee. Da . It now stands as an archive.



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