by Cherish


Meredith first caught the attention of OBSSE members with her 1998 Freaky Internet Cult Tour in Austin, TX. Minutes later, she found herself strumming in an official capacity for Evening Vespers. It was clear that this was one chick with a guitar to watch.

1999's Lack of Oxygen Tour kicked off at Beaver Village in Winter Park, CO. With such revered venues as the Elder Suite and the Go-Go International, Meredith enthralled audiences with touching renditions of classic OBSSE favorites and original works.

In addition to her regular Evening Vespers duties Meredith proved her willingness to adapt at Fest 2000 held in Isle, MN, by providing music for the Campfire Sing-A-Long. Braving the harsh June weather, she strapped on her guitar and warmed our hearts. Her Oh Fer Cuuuuute Tour not only entertained sibleren, it also catapulted her to OBSSE stardom.

2001 proved to be Meredith's year for critical acclaim. Not only did she earn the official title of "The Band," she also managed to snag a coveted trophy for her mantle at the prestigious OBSSE Awards Ceremony, held in Winter Park, CO. Taking time out from her hectic press junket, she led the final Evening Vespers and mingled with her adoring fans.

Be sure to catch Meredith on her Viva Fest Vegas Tour. Stay tuned to OBSSE for further information. This one singing sister you do not want to miss!


Humble Begins... Fest 1998 

Fest 1999
A full sized guitar and backup

Fest 2000
ANOTHER new guitar
and great black leather CHarc
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PI Action Figure Contest by Paula

The theme for this year's Fashion PI Contest was "Maternity!Scully" with trophies awarded in the following categories:

Best Diorama (Prenatal or Postpartum):  Sister Jezebel and Sister Lens of Science (in a clever comeback after last year's tragic loss) created a stunning Nursery scene, complete with moving mobile and pediatric critical care crib.

Best Accessories for Single Action Figure:  Lilydale's anatomically incorrect Nine-Months-Pregnant-But-With-What? Scully featured a sneak peak at the fetus:  a plastic bubble-entrapped squirrel, proving once again that it's the little things that count.

Best Maternity Wear for a Single Action Figure:  3-time winner Bryn snagged first place for her entry of pregnant Lily Bart (House of Birth)!Scully, replete with cunning gloves and Big Hat.

Dishonorable Mention:  The competition was fierce for this category, particularly between the Severeds.  In the end it was Aderyn who took home the gold with her disturbing White Trash!Scully Mum over Skull's Del Taco Napkin!Scully (nicely accented with bribes and proper pandering).

Well done, OBSSE, and congratulations to all the winners!

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