Issue No. 9, November 1997

By the time many of you read this, it will all be over.

After nearly six months of patiently (yeah, right) waiting, the season premiere of The X-Files has come and gone, and a new season of XF is upon us. I once described this phenomenon to my husband in terms of football (which I knew he'd understand):

"You see, honey, it's like this: When new episodes of XF start, it's like the new football season has begun. As the season progress and things heat up, toward the end--say April and May--it's like the playoffs. And when the season finale airs, well, that's like the Super Bowl. During the summer...well...we're more or less in the off-season. Get it?"
Got it.

So here we are, with a new "season" upon us and high hopes for a good year. To kick off the new XF Year, we at the OBSSE are starting with an OBSSE Holiday Fundraiser for NF, Inc., a charity near and dear to Gillian Anderson's (aka St. Scully's) heart. Please read about it below, and join your Sisters and Brothers in this worthwhile event. Next, we'll be holding our regular OBSSE chat nights on Fridays at 9 p.m. central on IRC server on channel #obsse. Since the Sisters and Brothers are likely to want to gab right after the episode, we're adding another informal OBSSE chat on Sundays at 9 p.m. central as well. And finally, to top of this new season, the OBSSE has set up a mailing list just for the Sisters and Brothers. Read on for more information about how you can subscribe.

So put on your XF team jersey, grab the remote, and sit back and get ready to enjoy yet another X-citing year of X-fileish entertainment. An no matter how dire the situation may look at times for our Saint, just remember: She's in the movie. :-)

Yours in St. Scully,

Sister Nancy (no clever sig)


We have a mission, Sisters and Brothers:

This holiday season, the Order of the Blessed Saint Scully the Enigmatic (OBSSE) is getting into the holiday spirit. That's why, starting on November 1 (All Saint's Day, of course) and running through December 15, the OBSSE is holding our first ever "Holiday Fundraiser for Neurofibromatosis, Inc.," a charity that is near and dear to Gillian Anderson's (aka St. Scully's) heart.

What better way for a quasi-religious organization such as ourselves to celebrate our Saint, hmm???? And what better way for us X-File fans to honor the 100th episode of this outstanding show (airing November 9) than by giving to others in honor of what Ms. Anderson and the cast and crew of XF have given to us?

Drop everything you're doing, that's an official OBSSE order, and go to the OBSSE Holiday Fundraiser web page NOW and make your pledge (if you have the means...). All pledges will be recorded and reflected in our "Erlenmeyer Flask," which will be updated weekly. Individuals who donate at least $20 to NF, Inc. will receive direct from OBSSE headquarters itself, crafted by the Reverend Mother's own hands, a beautiful and quite frameable, "OBSSE Membership Certificate" (or "Friend of the OBSSE Certificate") just as the OBSSE elders' way of saying "thanks."

Our goal is to collect $2,000 from the OBSSE and Friends to give to NF, Inc. this holiday season. We'll notify both NF, Inc. and Gillian Anderson of our efforts at Christmas time next month. If all of our members give only $10 each, we could raise nearly $5,000. We can do it! So please, Sisters, Brothers, and Faithful Friends, drop by the special OBSSE fundraiser page, and help us FILL OUR FLASK today!!! 


We've been toying with the idea of an OBSSE Mailing List for some time, but it wasn't until we noticed that members were using our "Guestbook" on the web site to post their comments and concerns that we finally took the hint: Hey, the Sistren/Brethren want to talk! So, thanks to Sister Dana Max, the OBSSE now has it's own official mailing list where the Sisters and Brothers can get OBSSE news, share information and ideas, and in general, discuss All Things Scully.

To join the OBSSE Mailing List, simply send a message to (NOT to the OBSSE list!). Leave the subject field blank, but in the body of the message type: subscribe obsse (your email addy). For example, if Sister Nancy (no clever sig) wanted to join the OBSSE Mailing List, she'd send the following message:

----------Message Text----------
subscribe obsse
That's it!

The OBSSE Mailing List has just started, so be patient with us as we get it off the ground, and above all, have fun "communing" with your Sisters and Brothers! 

by Nancy (no clever sig) Cotton

Last month, the magazine Sci-Fi Universe came out with a list of X-File fans' "best" and "worst" XF episodes. Included in their list were comments by the OBSSE. How, you ask, did Sci-Fi Universe know what the OBSSE's favorite episodes were? Easy! I took a look at all of the favorite Scullyistic episodes members had submitted when they joined the Order, tallied them up, and sent them to Dan Perez (Sci-Fi Universe writer) with some comments. And guess what? He used them! (Well, some of them....) Two decidedly Scullycentric episodes were included in the magazine's list, including one which the OBSSE commented on and another which (Yea!) made it to the very top of the list. Here now is the list of best XF episodes Sci-Fi Universe came up with in their December 1997 issue:

1. Beyond the Sea
2. Clyde Bruckman's Final Repose
3. One Breath
4. Ice
5. Anasazi/Blessing Way/Paperclip
6. Jose Chung's from Outer Space
7. Paper Hearts
8. Small Potatoes
9. Irresistible
10. Humbug

And here now are the OBSSE's Top 10 XF Episodes. You'll notice they have a definite, Scullyistic flavor. Wonder why???

1. Memento Mori

The hands down winner! For the OBSSE, this episode is the most sacred of all the season four episodes and perhaps the whole run of the show thus far. Memento Mori chronicles St. Scully's recognition of her cancerous condition and her fight to save herself. From an X-Phile's point of view, this episode is a smooth blending of the mythology/conspiracy arc with the Scully/Mulder relationship. Of all the episodes, this one single-handedly demonstrates the strength of their bond. From the Scullyist point of view, Memento Mori offers a view of a strong woman facing adversity and vowing to overcome it.

2. Beyond the Sea

This is simply the best Scullycentric episode of Season One and an all-time OBSSE favorite. For the first time, St. Scully's familial relationships and her motivations are explored. But what makes this episode exceptional is Gillian Anderson's outstanding portrayal of a woman struggling with what her intellect tells her and what her heart desires (a chance to make peace with her dead father).

3. Never Again

Controversial, to say the least, the OBSSE holds this episode in high regard because of its intimate portrayal of St. Scully's inner turmoil and its riveting assertion of her independence from Mulder, from the X-Files, and from her own expectations of herself. In "Never Again," Scully momentarily lets loose of her self-control and in doing so, ultimately reclaims her own life. The episode can be summed up in one line, which Scully utters to Mulder at the end: "Mulder, this is my life."

4. Revelations

Another all-time OBSSE favorite. Once again we are treated to an exploration of St. Scully's motivations. The reawakening of Scully's religious faith and the ensuing battle between her beliefs and her science and the isolation she feels from Mulder makes this a fascinating episode. Also, the episode seems to suggest that the Lord him/herself has led Scully to protect the young boy Kevin, which is one reason Scully has earned the nickname of "St. Scully." :)

5. Irresistible

Scully...afraid??? In "Irresistible" we are allowed into the mind and fears of Dana Scully through the eyes and ears of the FBI counselor that Scully confides in in this episode. It's a rare character moment that, coupled with a very frightening and very *human* monster in the character of Donnie Pfaster, makes this episode a winner. Of all the episodes we've seen, this one kept a lot of us awake at night. Why? Because unlike aliens, monsters, and mutants, the Donnie Pfasters of this world are real.

6. Clyde Bruckman's Final Repose

This is simply one of the all time best X-File episodes ever. What makes it so is the outstanding character of Clyde Bruckman, created by writer Darin Morgan and warmly portrayed by guest actor Peter Boyle. Funny, frightening, poignant, moving...Clyde Bruckman's Final Repose is all of these things. The growing sympathy Scully has for Clyde, his remarks to her concerning her "death," and the touching bedside scene at the end make this a Sacred Scully episode.

7. One Breath

While part of the X-Files "abduction arc," this one stands alone for its sheer Scullycentricity and power, as we watch Scully choose between life and death. If anyone ever questioned the importance of Scully to Mulder, their unique relationship, or the strength of their bond, their questions were answered with this single episode. In one phrase, "One Breath" is gut-wrenching.

8. Small Potatoes

Smart. Clever. Funny. Small Potatoes is one of the "humorous" X-Files episodes that comes along from time to time that pokes fun at itself and takes the viewer along for the ride. The ending SMAK (Scully/Mulder Almost Kiss) scene makes this one a classic for the relationshippers among us.

9. War of the Coprophages

What does Dana Scully do on a Saturday night? Cleans her gun, bathes her Pomeranian, curls up with a good book, and solves cases from her couch while her erstwhile partner chases down rampaging robotic roaches from outer space. Writer Darin Morgan pulled out all the stops in this episode that rivals only "Jose Chung's from Outer Space" in its laundry list of in-jokes and playfulness.

10. Elegy

While not the strongest plot in the world, this episode's subplot, which focused on Scully's cancer, puts this one over the top for Scullyists--that and the second conversation Scully has with the FBI counselor. St. Scully's growing fears of her own mortality, her reliance upon Mulder to help her through this trying time, and the fact that she too, for all her strength and courage, is terribly, terribly afraid, make this one worth watching. 

by Sister Autumn T.

Praise be to St. Scully! The time we NEVER thought would come has finally arrived, and the good Saint is finally back in our lives on a weekly *all-new* basis. Though I'm sure this fact will alleviate some of the troubles facing the devout flock of the Blessed One, I know there are those amongst us that will occasionally still suffer trials and tribulations and even mere annoyances. Remember, dear Brothers and Sisters, that I am here in your time of annoyance. So write to me at, of course, I'm the one who is annoying you, in which case I suggest a lot of prayer.

Dear Sister Autumn,

I turn to you in a time of great need. I have recently found that I am suffering from a terrible plight - *Isolation*. You see, in the past few months I have converted one of my friends to an X-Phile, and I also have made several X-Phile friends. I was very happy at these events until I realized *none of them truly understand our St. Scully.* Well, my converted friend is getting there, but she is still a novice in the whole XF business. She also is...shudder...a MulderFan. My problem is that I have no one with whom to communicate about the greatness of our Saint. I am miserably cut off from FX and their blessed nightly episodes because our cable company is idiotic, and I lack the funds to supply myself with FX. Chat rooms occasionally help, but you have to deal with non-believers in our Saint there--foul beasts. How can I ease this sense of loneliness? Sister Autumn, I beg you to answer my plea for aid and help not only me, but any other Sisters and Brothers with this same affliction.

May the wisdom and blessing of St. Scully shine on you this day!

Sister Jaina

Dear Sister Jaina,

My, my, my, you're just full of problems today aren't you? Luckily, I have all the answers. I'm just not sure if they are the right ones.

Despite the fact that our numbers are growing daily, we do realize that there is a need for good old fashioned camaraderie. This is why we invented the #obsse channel of Every Friday night, Brothers and Sisters gather there and discuss All Things Scully. We often even have sacred readings from scenes that were scripted and cut from the episode (known as the "lost Scullyisms"). We laugh, we share, we hit you with a trout, and most important "foul beasts" get the boot right away. There is no dealing with non-believers on Friday nights.

Also, we are starting up an OBSSE mailing list. This should be the perfect way to discuss all things Scully with fellow followers of the skeptical Saint.

As for the "MulderFan" thing. Keep praying - your friend may yet see the light. Remember, even our Saint does like Mulder despite his many, many limitations.

Dear Sister Autumn,

Sister Nance has forgotten me. Well, maybe she didn't, but anyway, I'd like some answers. Please? Maybe Mulder should try that one sometime.

So, I wrote to the Reverend Mother about a problem some of us have here in Europe, and not being able to get hold of tapes of 4th season. The time was the beginning of August, so it was quite a wait for me. She answered that it might be good idea to organize a note board for that kind of things on pages of OBSSE, and that she will put it on the September newsletter. And it wasn't there (I hope it's not a conspiracy to keep me in dark like Carter likes to do). Also, she said to consult you about that matter. I was certain that I'm doing the right thing, specially since I saw how many people are writing to you with questions on how to get episodes they missed.

Please, say something clever and radical (but not too radical, since I'm merely a humble postulant).

Thanx anyway ,
Xigent Dawn (actually, Zrinka)

Dear Sister Actually Zrinka,

There's something you should know about our dear Reverend Mother: she has a mind like a steel colander. Lots of stuff drips out, but the fruits and vegetables seem to stick. Hmmm. Maybe that wasn't the best analogy. With the Order nearing 500 members and lots of abbey business to attend to every single day, she occasionally forgets a thing or 12. Personally, I think it has a lot to do with how hard she has been hitting the Scullyrita blender on any given day, but that's just a theory.

As we haven't had many requests for an OBSSE bulletin board on the website, we decided against making one for now - plus there was that sticky little point that we had no clue how to make one. Perhaps the newly formed OBSSE mailing list would be the best place for this sort of thing rather than the website. I'm sure you might be able to find some stateside members who could work out some sort of clandestine arrangement for secret shipments to the European branch. Just don't let the FBI catch you.

By the way, you're right. Mulder should say "please."

Editor's Note: mutter...mutter...steel colander...mutter...Scullyritas...Hmph! I prefer to think of myself as "short-staffed", and therefore, sometimes things get misfiled. Sister Zrinka's plea for XF tapes is included at the end of this newsletter in the "Members' Muses" section. And Sister Autumn is right, this is just the reason we decided to create an OBSSE mailing list. Hope it helps! And sorry about the misfile. :(

dearest sister,

i need your help and wisdom with my problem. i am severely addicted to the x-files. i check the newgroups every hour at work as well as at home. i scan gaws and other sites for any tiny morsel of gillian. i know first i must admit i have a problem so ok. hello my name is lynn, and i am a gillian addict. david has his moments, but i love gillian. i don't have a real sister, but if gillian is available, i will be her big sister. anyway dearest sister, i am so, so, so very jealous of your great adventure to gillian land, i scan obsse regularly so i might catch any tidbit.

should i quit my job and and enter betty ford????????????? or just be happy and check the groups and sites forever more....


dear sister e.e. lyn4katzs,

I am very, very sorry to hear about the loss of your shift key. When the space bar goes too, it is definitely time to look into a new hardware purchase. One time for a week, I couldn't type the letter "z." Now, you may ask yourself, "Just how many times do you use this key?" My answer is: You'd be surprised. While I certainly understand your little compulsive affliction concerning the lovely and talented Ms. Anderson, you must remember to emulate St. Scully when it comes to your job. The Blessed One would never let a personal interest get in the way of her work. While she might check her favorite newsgroup during a coffee break (cream, no sugar), she certainly would not waste government time by indulging herself in idle interests. Well, unless she was reading a really good book by her favorite author that she could somehow justify as being work related. Besides, nothing on is worth losing your job over.

Editor's Note: The Great Debate over "Never Again" might have come close...."

Dear Sister Autumn:

I try to spread the word of Saint Scully in RL, as well as online, but I have run into a problem. How does one say, "OBSSE"? Since it's so close to obsessed---I mean FOCUSED-- I want to pronounce it as a word, but that sounds weird. Do I just spell it, and say O-B-S-S-E? I want to be accurate when I proselytize!

Deny Everything
Sister Mel

Sister Mel,

I can only guess that it was the divine spirit of St. Scully that led you to post this important query to me. I must admit that when I got it, a chill actually went down my spine. Why you may ask? Well, because it was over this very issue that the Reverend Mother and I had our first disagreement. It did not come to blows, but I did get a run in my hose, and Mother Nancy's wimple was a bit askew. We, of course, resolved our differences over the Sacred Scullyrita, but for a while it was scary.

You see, I'd always figured OBSSE was a joke on "obsess" - hence the name I came up with for this newsletter - so I always called it "the obsess". When, upon our first meeting, I said this in casual conversation, Mother Nancy got a strange look on her face. It seems she was fond of spelling it out instead of making a word out of it. (I will admit, just between you and me, that when OBSSE was but a glimmer in the RevMa's eye, I used to get confused and think it might be BOSSE - pronounced "bossy" of course - to signify the way Our Dear Doctor can get in a medical situation.) Anyway, we did the only thing two rational adults could do in such a situation: We thumb-wrestled while engaging in a St. Scully trivia contest. Unfortunately, I won the trivia contest, but my thumb was pinned at the time, so we were back at square one. We decided a truce.

To make a short story long, you can now pronounce it either way and be accurate. I even heard Mother Nancy call it "obsess" after too much communion in Vancouver....

Editor's Note: I MEANT to do that! (hiccup....)

Dear Sister Autumn,

I come to you yet again, this time in dire need of help. I am a devout Scullyist and longtime Phile. Recently, I have begun to take part in the grand mission of conversion. Subjecting my friends to conversations revolving around nothing but X-Files and X-Files fanfic has made me into quite a missionary. Now all of my friends are regular viewers, at least.

But, Sister Autumn, they are all Mulderists.

My friend MonkeyGirl (with whom I wrote the fanfic series "Lump", but I won't get into that) says that Mulder is always right. She harbors no ill will towards Scully, and would make an effective Scullyist if only she got past this whole Mulder-is-right thing. No matter how many times she watches, "Beyond the Sea" or "Revelations", she persists in this belief. I am lost. And then there is my friend Sarah, who hates Scully with a vengeance, threatening to deface all pictures of Scully and/or GA on my most sacred X-Files pencil box. Others whom I have converted remain shallowly enamored with DD.

Have I failed? What should I do?

And by the way, I liked "El Mundo Gira" because it was so bad it was funny. Also I am Hispanic, so it works as a name. It's a bit of sarcastic irony.

Seeking your wise counsel,
Sister Chupacabra

Hello Again Sister Chupacabra,

I guess now that you have explained your name and why you have chosen it, I will accept it. Though I'm going to say right now that the second I hear from a Brother or Sister "Teso," that is it! I cannot be held responsible for my actions.

Your name, however, is the least of your worries. You are facing dark, dark times dear Sister as you are, apparently, populating the world with Mulderists. Now, you are forgiven, because it is apparent that this was not intentional, but you were right to seek my counsel as this is very serious business. I think there is hope for MonkeyGirl (Do you spend time with her just because she makes your name sound elegant?), but as far as this "Sarah" is concerned, it may be time to cut bait, as she is truly Mulder-spawn doomed to an eternity in the basement and beyond St. Scully's redemptive, logical light. Anyone who would deface a picture of our Saint deserves an eternity filled with an endlessly looping version of "Space" - yeah, Mulder was right in that one wasn't he ....

Which brings me to my next point, this Monkeyperson. She is perhaps incapable of really understanding the show because she is addled by her hormones. Make her watch X-Files blindfolded so she may not gaze upon the PUNKish one. Make her listen to St. Scully be constantly right in "Humbug" or "War of the Coprophages" or "Hell Money" or "Demons" or "Our Town" or "Eve" (I could go on. Believe me.) Make her listen to Mulder's stupid theories in "Fearful Symmetry" or "Dod Kalm" or "Eve" (Again, I could go on.). One thing I have learned in four years of watching the Blessed One - anyone who says Mulder is always right obviously is not paying attention. From the sacred Book of St. Scully, chapter "Pilot", Act I - "The answers are there - you just need to know where to look." 


Last month we asked the Sistren/Brethren to tell us their favorite SRE (Scully Rationale Explanation) or to tell us the SRE they would most like to hear St. Scully say. The responses, as usual, were witty and wonderful. Here's a sampling of what some of you wrote:

From Sister Lens-of-Science:
"The SRE I am (most impatiently) waiting for is from the not-as-yet-written episode entitled, "Committed," where Our Beloved Saint explains that Mulder's belief in aliens, etc. is nothing more than a delusion arising from the chemical imbalance that is itself the result of Mulder's not eating anything but sunflower seeds for more than four years."

From Brother Plantagenet:
"You know, Mulder, there's an atmospheric condition commonly associated with cumulonimbus clouds in particularly arid climates that could quite easily explain how you think you saw six lizard men dressed in metallic jumpsuits step down out of a giant disc and vaporize that hotel with ultra powerful small-arms lasers."

From Sister Chupacabra:
"Mulder, I'm sorry, but there are documented cases of fluids entering the body and enlarging the genitals, which means that your newly discovered largesse does *not* result from alien intervention."

From Sister Danielle II:
"Obviously, the wine coupled with the emotional upheaval of our last case resulted in the events of last night---Mulder, will you *please* put some clothes on!"

From Brother Hannibal:
"Mulder, I determined that by heating the apoxides I would be able to raise the viscosity of the fluid and therefore kill all of your sperm so you can never reproduce as long as I am alive."

From Sister L. A. LeCouter:
"Saint Scully explaining in Lazarus that the reason her former lover, Jack Willis, is acting so bizarre is because of his post-traumatic stress from being shot, not from the soul hopping of Warren Dupree. Ten to 1 she didn't notice that great tattoo on his arm when they were shacked up in the mountains during a snowstorm. ;)"

From Sister Starrrbuck
"I'd like to see Saint Scully explain how she can afford that huge, luxurious apartment and all those designer clothes on her Special Agent income. Would she attribute it to all the overtime she does running around with Mulder? :)"

From Nancy FF:
"I would like to hear the SRE for why GA was mysteriously replaced by "Boobzilla" in the role of Agent Scully in the episode, "Beyond the Sea." It would probably involve explaining how massive doses of hormone therapy administered in order to harvest her ova--later used for creation of monozygotic (extra points!) alien/human hybrid embryos--caused her natural levels of progesterone to soar to superhuman levels and produce the Sainted One's uber-mammary (extra points!) appearance."

From Paul Wartenberg:
"Mulder, I hate to tell you, but the reason McDonald's stopped making McDLTs was that the Styrofoam packaging could no longer be produced, and there's no other way to keep the cool side cool and the hot side hot."

Also From Paul Wartenberg:
"Mulder, pens and paperclips fall behind the desk drawer every time you slam it shut, so they don't really disappear into an "interdimension vortex"--they're most likely underneath the desk. I'll prove it to you as soon as I can get a desk for a proper scientific demonstration." 


Don't you love the publicity shots Fox sends out before a new XF episode? You know the ones, the shots of Mulder and Scully studiously examining...uh....something.

For this month's OBSSE Poll, we thought we'd take one of those photos (the publicity shot from the season premiere, "Redux," at left) and ask the Sisters and Brothers to write a caption to go with it. Don't pay any attention to what REALLY happened in the episode when writing your caption. That would just spoil the fun. Instead, make something up! For instance, one could look at the photo at left and write this caption:

"You said it was small Mulder, but this is ridiculous!"
My husband tells me that's "hitting below the belt" (HA! HA!), but what they hey! Take your best shot, and we'll put our favorite captions in next month's OBSSE newsletter.

Your Name: 

Your E-Mail: 

Are you an OBSSE Member? Yes No

The caption I'd write for this photo would be...:

by Sister Autumn

In honor of the wait finally being over, I thought I'd highlight a few authors who I think wrote some terrific post-Gethsemane stories featuring St. Scully. I think you may just find some of the stuff here more creative than what we end up with.

Lydia Bower

Lydia wrote my favorite ending to "Gethsemane." Of course, it is my favorite because in her world, St. Scully did not lie, and Mulder gets what he deserves upon showing his face again. Not to worry though, everything works out in the end (to the tune of an NC-17 chapter). So, for an alternate take on what might have happened, check out "Primal Sympathy". Actually, while you're there, you might also want to look at "Dance Without Sleeping", Lydia's post "Memento Mori" tale of angst and love. Cover your eyes younger members, though adult content is clearly marked in her work. If you find you like these stories, you're in luck. She's written quite a bit, and it can all be found on her webpage:

Paula Graves

Unless you've been living in a fanfic cave, you've probably heard of Paula or read some of her stories. She also took a shot at ending "Gethsemane" from a different angle in, "Between Two Truths". While visiting Paula's webpage, be sure to read "The Plankton Adventure," an hilarious spoof on "War of the Coprophages" that Scullyists' will love. This time it is Our Dear Dana that's getting all the attention - complete with a scientist hunk named Grey Hare.


I can honestly say that I love everything this woman has written. In addition to being one of the cleverest people I've met in cyberspace (Take a look at her infamous "Relationship Guide," and you will see what I mean.), she also writes some of the best stories out there. She's so good, she once actually made me feel sorry for CancerMan - now that's an accomplishment. You'll find everything on her webpage-- time well spent. In keeping with the post-"Gethsemane" theme here, check out "Waiting"


St. Scully's Enigmatic Light continues to shine upon the world, as the OBSSE continues to grow by leaps and bounds. Today, the Order has nearly 500 members! Please join us in welcoming some of our newest Sisters and Brothers:

Brother Scullyguy confesses:
"I would make a great candidate for the OBSSE because I will defend the honor and name of the Blessed Saint from all naysayers and others of ill repute. I would acknowledge to my fellow Brothers and Sisters the everlasting happiness that the Saint has given to my otherwise feeble life, and that only more NEW episodes can sustain this blissful high...."

Sister Julianna testifies:
"I've just spent an entire summer hiatus on atx defending the life and works of our blessed saint--as a solo operative. Imagine what I could do with backup." (Editor's Note: Hey! I was there too!!!)

Sister Melody explains:
"...She is the Einstein of the female sex...Everytime I visit your site, as it downloads onto the screen, I chant my sacred mantra: May the Spirit of St. Scully invade and dominate cultural media, AMEN!"

Sister Tisha states:
"...The reason I humbly request admission to the OBSSE is to be with kindred souls who would spend Saturday night eating Dairy Queen and reading the OBSSE newsletter, while pondering the perfection of such a rare and wonderful role model."

Sister Mary Ruth confesses:
"...In the fan fiction I have written, I have always attempted to show the basic correctness of a logical, rational approach to the paranormal. Only through careful analysis can truth be separated from falsehood. Any case for the paranormal that does not include comprehensive documentation and evidential support, such as only the Blessed One can provide, is only so much Mulderhotair."

Sister Hanna-Leigh testifies:
"I'm a pre-med student with hopes of going into forensic pathology, and I wish to dedicate my scalpel and Stryker saw to her service."

OBSSE Member thurbers states:
"Well, I do have a problem walking in three-inch heels, much less running in them. So there may be a problem. On the other hand, I'm old enough to remember when Stefanie Powers and "The Girl from UNCLE" was the best a young girl could do in her search for role models. I have been a fan of "The X-Files" and in particular Dana Scully from the second episode. A very big reason is that Scully is such a beacon in the darkness for women everywhere. She is intelligent. She is tough and strong. She holds her own in a male-dominated work place. And she doesn't have to wear a bikini to do it. (I still have not forgiven television for Charlie's Angels methods of investigation.) A woman so smart, so capable, and still female, how could I not wish to worship at her well-clad feet? And perhaps, if I pray long enough, she may even be able to help me with my shoe impairment problem." 


Spoilers, spoilers, everybody's got spoilers. Recently, the Ain't It Cool? news site reported that the trailer for the XF movie would be seen on the front end of "Aliens 4," due out in theaters toward the end of November. The site gives a run down of what the trailer looks like, our favorite part of which is a voice over near the beginning with Scully saying, "Mulder, it's me." According to the site, the movie will premiere June 19 (the Reverend Ma's birthday...hint...hint), 1998.

In more XF movie news, the December 1997 issue of Sci-Fi Universe, the same magazine that brought you the fan's pick of best and worst XF episodes, includes a slice of dialogue from the movie that strongly suggests the Sainted One may be contemplating quitting the X-Files this season. Bout darn time! :)

In episode news, Scullyists the world over are awaiting the two-part episode "Christmas Carol," scheduled to air at the end of November/early December. The episode has spouted so many rumors that at this point all we can say is: a) it's Scullycentric, and b) there is a child involved. Can't wait for this one! Other XF episode rumors include the production of a "black and white" episode that the LA Times reports will be a "homage" to monster movies, and of course, Richard Belzer guest stars as his character from Homicide: Life on the Street in the upcoming episode, "Unusual Suspects," which focuses on the origin of The Lone Gunmen.

In Gillian Anderson news, the release of her film, "The Mighty," has been delayed from December until April. (Sigh....There goes this year's Oscar award, darn it!) Speaking of awards, however, Gillian was recently honored with an award from the Starlight Children's Foundation, which grants the wishes of seriously ill children. The Gillian Anderson Web Site reports that Ms. Anderson politely turned down the Foundation's offer of the "Humanitarian of the Year" award for her work and accepted instead a "Golden Wish" award. Why would GA turn down the Humanitarian of the Year award? Her publicist said, "Gillian's at the beginning of what will hopefully be a long career in service," and the actress feels she hasn't yet earned such an honor. (You go, girl!) 


Each month the OBSSE features prayers, poems, songs, essays, artwork, letters, and other bits and pieces of creative expression from our members. If you're an OBSSE member and would like to contribute something to the newsletter or the web site, let us know, and we'll try to include it. We begin this month's offerings with a series of missives from Sister Town Ho, who had a set of interesting revelations from the Sainted One:

Revelations: First Missive
by Sister Town Ho

Hail Sister Nancy (NCS)!

I am writing to you in the midst of attempting to insert "Einstein" or "MJ-12" into my thesis (a difficult task, but UFOs could have had something to do with paleopathological indicators of disease--I must keep an open mind).

I digress. The reason I'm writing to you is that I had an afflatus (no, not that! A divine rush of inspiration from, no doubt, the Sainted One.)

If you scramble the letters from Her Holiness' true name, Dana Katherine Scully, you get:

Stalk Handy Alien Cure

Is this a "vision" from St. Scully Herself? An omen? Could this be the Divine Message we've been waiting for? IS THIS HOW SHE CURES HERSELF???

Or, hell, maybe I'm suffering from Scully-induced hallucinations after watching MM too many times....

P.S. However, if this is NOT the way Her cancer is cured in the upcoming premiere, I think we must realize that St. Scully wasn't wrong in this instance...she merely Changed Her Mind. 

Revelations: Second Missive
by Sister Town Ho

Greetings once again, Sister Nancy (ncs):

Last night while I was asleep (or on the Internet, I can't remember), I received a series of auxiliary revelations from St. Scully. I'm not sure what these mini-inspirations mean, but I would be remiss if I did not send them along to you. You may consider them at your leisure, and apply your own enlightened interpretation to them. From my own humble vantage point, they all seem to have something to do with the grand conspiracy scheme. I think St. Scully may be trying to tell us something:

1. Trust No One = Not True Son
(I'm sure this revelation point's to the Punk's origins.)

2. Believe the Lie = Let Beehive Lie

3. Gethsemane-Redux = Exert Huge Amends
(Maybe this implies that the Saint and the Punk finally win a round???)

4. Section Chief Blevins = Conflicts in Beehives
(nuff said.)

5. Special Agent Scully = Cynical Legal Set-Ups

6. Michael Kritschgau = Like a Church Stigma
(Don't know, but sounds cool.)

7. Walter Sergei Skinner = Warring Silent Seeker
(Perhaps St. Scully was giving us a little bio of Walter?)

8. Bee Husbandry = Hardy Bee Buns AND...

9. Uniblonde = Boiled Nun (!!!)
(It will take scholars more gifted than I to figure these out.)

Now, I must go and contemplate these findings and await any other information I may receive. In order to be more receptive to Her Saintliness' mystic messages, I will spend today fasting (in between lunch and dinner, that is) and meditate upon the true and present evils of Sunday-Night-Baseball-on-Fox.

Keep in good health,
Sister Town Ho. 

The Great St. Scully
by Sister Jaina

St. Scully's SREs
Shoot down that alien junk.
We should all worship Her,
And blow off the Punk. 

With Apologies to T. S. Eliot...
by Brother Greg, Third Acolyte from the Left

Let us go then, you and I
When the evening is spread out against the sky
Like Mulder etherised upon a table;
Let us go, through certain Vancouver streets,
The muttering retreats
Of restless nights in one-night cheap hotels
And sawdust restaurants with flukemen....

In the room the women come and go
Talking of Mitch Pileggi---oh! 

A Sister's Plea for Tapes!
by Sister Zrinka (aka Xigent Dawn)

Dear Sisters and Brothers in and outside the U.S.:

I seek the cassettes of seasons three and four, certain episodes in particular. I would be most grateful if some of you would contact me for further arrangement. You can contact me at Thank you.

Yours in St. Scully,

An OBSSE Meeting!
by Brother Hannibal

It's official...the gathering of the Southeastern US District of the OBSSE will be gathering...well, someday...if you are interested, email me at with any ideas you may have....thanks to Mother Superior/Reverend Mother Nancy for her blessing...and I hope to hear from you all soon!

Brother Hannibal 

One last note, Sisters and Brothers. Sister Incredulous (aka Mary Greten) has helped to get St. Scully featured as TV "fictional fighting female" of the 1990s on the Arche Typecasting web site. Visit their archive to see what was written about the Blessed One!

That's it for this issue, Brothers and Sisters. The next issue of, "News for the OBSSEsed" will be out by December 10.

"News for the OBSSEsed" is copyright 1997 by Nancy Cotton, except for the characters (which I don't own, I just play with) and a few of the photos (but not many.) :-)