It's been a while since I've even had time to read fanfic, but I must say my long wait was rewarded handsomely this month when I discovered a few terrific pieces. What was even sweeter is that they all came from our ranks. One would think we understood Scully or something here in the Abbey...       

Have you been waiting a long time to sink your teeth into a tense Scullycentric adventure that has Scully actively investigating the things that have happened to her instead of just moving on to the next monster of the week? Want to read a novel that deals with the complex relationship between Mulder and Scully in a realistic rather than bubble gum fashion? Did you like Kresge? Have a hankering for a well written piece that has Scully facing all the tough questions and finds the voice of the characters we watch every week with all their features and faults perfectly? Look no further than our own Sister Fialka's masterpiece "Arizona Highways." Set aside some time and enjoy. You won't be sorry.       

If you don't have quite enough time right now to tackle a novel, start yourself off on a story by another of our flock that for some odd reason I really enjoyed. Hmm, could it be because Revely's tale included a bunch of nuns at a lakeside summer camp? Or perhaps just because I found "Wing and Prayer" to be an equal parts serious and amusing sequel to this season's En Ami? Or maybe I just like the way she wrote a relationship rusty Scully trying to make things work while dealing with a miracle...

If short and sweet is more your cup of tea, I proudly present OBSSE Sister number three Pteropod. A warm spring day and a new comfortable attitude combine in "Touch the Moon." If you'd prefer something a little darker, explore her take on Scully's state after the events of Orison in "Atomic Split". Either way neither will take long and both will leave you satisfied.


By Lauren

It's not every day that a CHarc celebrity such as Frank Spotnitz sits down to do an interview with an internet fan group.  Fortunately, today is not every day.  It's Saturday, the day after Chris Carter's birthday, and Frank was so wiped out by the Dungeons and Dragons party that he agreed to do anything as long as I gave him some aspirin.

Me:  Frank, it's so nice to have you finally sit down for an OBSSE CHarc interview.

FS:  I thought your group was called POODLE aka Patrick's Order Of Doggett Loving Enthusiasts?

Me:  Um, yeah.  That's not official yet.  Listen, Frank, you've finally acknowledged that Scully has hair and wears clothes.  Can you give us a hint about what next season will bring to the CHarc?

FS:  Well, we're taking Scully's wardrobe in a bold new direction this season, and by bold I mean that she'll be wearing lots of pink and frilly things.  You know, clothes that emphasize how manly her new partner is when he stands next to her.  I've brought a picture of him so that I may better demonstrate his manliness...

Me:  Pink and frilly?  Don't you think that will clash with her hair?

FS:  Well, she'll be wearing lots of hats.

Me:  Hats?  You mean like that nifty combat helmet in Tunguska?

FS:  No, bonnets and the like.  She couldn't wear them around Mulder because he was obviously such a sissy, but with Doggett being so greatly enriched by his Y-Chromosome, I think that Scully in a lacy bonnet will project the perfect leather/lace Stevie Nicks/Don Henley thing.  I don't want to get the fans too excited, but there may be a duet sometime after the New Year.

Me:  Stevie Nicks.  Right. So now it's platform boots?

FS:  Nah, Gillian has a pair of boots that she seems to like.  She says they'll work with the pink frilly stuff.

Me:  So Scully won't be wearing much black then?  Have you told Sister La.. that yet?

FS:  I did.  She made me cry.  In a manly way.

Me:  As much as I'd like to hear more about that, let's talk about something near and dear to the OBSSE--

FS:  (ahem)

Me:  ...Ok, Future POODLE members.  Scully's maternity wear.  What should we look for?

FS:  Well that depends on who the father is. It could be CSM, and if it is, she'll wear a lot of gray--you know, the gray that comes with carrying a future man of consequence.  Or a girl kid, whatever. If Mulder is the father, she'll just wear old basketball t-shirts and eat a lot of beef jerky.  If aliens are the daddy, she'll start dressing in day-glo green vinyl--clever, huh?  Green skin, green vinyl! [Spotnitz giggles for about five minutes]  And if Doggett is the daddy, she'll wear lots of pregnant woman's pregnant woman clothes.

Me:  Wait a second, how can Doggett be the dad?

FS:  When you've spent your life studying the mytharc, as I have, you'll realize that when Scully said in Alpha, "A dog?  A dog dog?" she was hinting at her secret relationship with Doggett.  Get it?  Dog=Doggett. Dog dog=man's man.  Do you get it?  Huh?

Me:  Get over yourself, Frank.  Nobody watched Alpha.

FS:  What?

Me:  Nobody watched Alpha.  It stank worse than Harsh Realm.  No offense.

At this point in the interview it became distressingly apparent to me that we weren't going to get anything else out of our good friend Frank Spotnitz, since he'd launched into an explanation of the finer parts of Alpha and how the true beauty of the episode could best be summarized by studying the spots on that massive Great Dane.  I told him I'd have Kirby look into adding it as a seminar at Face Acting Camp. Still, it was a pleasure interviewing him--he's obviously thought long and hard about this season's CHarc, and for that I am grateful.

And La..?  I have his hotel here if you'd like to have another "chat" with him.