Strolling through the Abbey Newsroom one recent afternoon, Sister La..Dee..Da.. is all smiles.  She hasn't been around the light table much lately, and is delighted by surprise encounters with several News for the OBSSEsed staff members.  "I can't stay away, quips the graphic artist, "It's like I've graduated from college and have come back to see everybody!"  Reducing her duties by almost half in Season 8, La.. refutes the notion that she is abandoning her position and says the time has simply come to add more help.  She contrasts her attitude with that of graphic arts newcomer Aderyn.  "She (Aderyn) is really excited to be here, and I think it's good to have someone come in and smack everyone around and say, 'Wake up! This is a great job.' "            

Meanwhile, Paula is somewhat confused by the latest turn of events, having agreed to show up for every issue of the new season.  "I assumed I knew how I got in this predicament,"  Paula says, "But lately I don't know what is going on.  Which is nothing new.... I will say this though, about the new staff and columnists:  Aderyn is a real artist's artist, Skull is a real Australian's Australian, and Lauren -- well, she's a Princessly Princess.  Also, Pilgrim's back and is as pilgrimy as ever."  Last year,  Paula publicly rooted for the Newsletter to end, but the publication's new dynamic with the addition of new writers and artist has "reinvigorated the work," she says.  Because she won't get the substantial raise (somewhere in the high zeros) she wanted for Season 8 unless she signed on for another year, she has even agreed, albeit reluctantly, to a ninth season. 

Nevertheless, Paula continues to be amazed and impressed with the creativity and hard work of the Newsletter staff - as evidenced in this new edition, and hopes that readers will share her enthusiasm.  "Hey, we've got Adrianne in this issue, Liz with a Chicago NF report, Autumn has demure advice as always, and La.. announces Marathon voting results.  Actually, there's so much in this issue I can't even list it all -
I just hope everyone enjoys it..."

Welcome back,

Paula R
Autumn Tysko

D E S I G N   &   G R A P H I C S



Sister Lens of Science
Cathy B
Kara Zod
Sister Skull

C O N T R I B U T O R S   t o  No. 36

Sister 'Dubh
Sister Carole
Diane McDonald

Thanks to
Haven and GAWS for image assistance

Well, the time we thought would never happen is here. It's time to gear up in the Abbey for Season 8 of the X-Files. Who knew? I guess the good news is that for the first time in the history of the series it will be obvious to more than just us who the real star of the show is. While I think I speak for most of the Abbey when I say that if we had our druthers Mulder would be around for more than a handful of the episodes, the powers that be don't leave these decisions up to us. So. Mulder is missing. Scully is pregnant. And the season of Scully is upon us. Strap yourself in friends, it's going to be a bumpy ride.

NF, Inc. News

We are proud to announce NF fundraising Christmas cards will be available this year as a program designed by the Chicago OBSSE. To see the design and get information on ordering them, don't miss the report by Liz in this issue on what our
Chicago sibliren have been up to. (Kudos to all of you in the Abbey out there lending a hand to the local NF groups - you're making us proud). 

In other NF news for those of you who may recall the jaunt I took with Paula to Washington DC for the NF fundraiser, they are holding another event of that kind in Los Angeles on December 9th. Those participating will get a chance to meet Gillian, have their picture taken with her, and a lucky few will even get to tour the set with her as the guide. For more information please visit the
NF, Inc. website. It looks like quite a few Abbey members will be attending so expect a full report in an upcoming newsletter.

We got a heads up from GAWS this month about the popular Entertainment books being offered by NF, Inc. for fundraising. These books are available for most metro areas and include savings on restaurants, events, shopping, and travel. If you are interested click here to order one and credit NF, Inc.

Interested in Season 8 CHarc? Of course you are!       

Our own Sister Pteropod, who obviously has her priorities straight when it comes to the X-Files, has written a little essay complete with proper examples about what to expect when it comes to Clothes and Hair spoilers for season 8. Will Scully ever learn to button her blouse again? Has Gillian Anderson managed to successfully avoid that scissors crazed hairdresser by finding really good hiding places? Is Scully now dressing like Mulder? Just how good does Scully look in a green turtleneck? You can find out the answers to these and other burning questions by visiting her CHarc site below. Find out if the truth is indeed out there.


Abbey "Family" Announcements

It is with great pleasure I get to announce a few things around the Abbey of a more personal nature. We've been a busy group this summer and announced into our flock two new little brothers. Sunseeker produced Stephen and Sister Scooby provided us with Jacob. Congrats to our new moms. Additionally, and without hell freezing over, our dear Elder Sister Lens-of-Science went and got herself married. As a number of long time Abbey members were actually able to witness this event we can also share with you this. Lensie throws a hell of a party. There's something rather surreal yet at the same time right about dancing to Scullyritaville with a bride and fellow Sisters and Brothers.



You'll find the results of this year's voting for the lineup of the Scully Marathon 2001 (coming May 2001) on the next page but for now, enjoy a bit of pre-vote pandering . . .




by Sister Autumn

"We wanted somebody who was blue-collar,
former cop, a man's man."
-- Chris Carter on John Doggett, Television Critics Association

"What's more important is that he's as
from Mulder as we could make him." 
-- Chris Carter on John Doggett, Cinescape Magazine

This summer and fall, in advance of some big changes to the show for season 8, 1013 launched a campaign. Let's call it the "John Manly Mannish Blue-Collar Guyness Doggett Campaign." For some reason they have become oddly fixated on the perceived masculinity of this new character. And they want to tell us about it. Over and over and over. Just so we know without question that this guy is exceedingly manly. Apparently Scully was paired with David Duchovny's character Denise from Twin Peaks the past seven years since to hear them talk Mulder was, I don't know, a girlie man? A squirrel's guy? A white-collar slacker wussy?

"He's a masculine presence
He has more of a blue-collar, working man quality." 
-- Frank Spotnitz, Palm Beach Post

This all got me to thinking. What if Scully had been paired with His Manliness since the beginning of the series? Just what could such a masculine presence bring to some of the classic exchanges between the agents? Would there be Doggettisms? If so I think they may have gone a little like this...
Doggett:  You lost nine minutes! Me, I never get lost.

Scully: What am I looking at? 
Doggett: Thirty loggers working a clear-cutting contract in Washington State. Rugged, manly men in the full bloom of their manhood. Much like myself.

"Robert's got a very masculine quality."
-- Chris Carter, Entertainment Weekly

Doggett: If there's a Budweiser in that bag, it could be your lucky night.

Scully: I'm driving. Why do you always have to drive? Because you're the guy? Because you're the big macho man? 
Doggett: Yes.

Doggett: (to Scully at her beside)  WAKE UP ALREADY I'M BORED!

"Doggett is really a guy's guy."
-- Frank Spotnitz, X-Files Official Magazine

Scully: Why don't I have a desk? 
Doggett: Because you're the secretary?

Scully: I've heard the truth, Doggett. Now what I want are the answers. 
Doggett: Well if you quit being such a big baby we could find them. So your sister's dead. Welcome to the club.

Scully: It took us 3 hours to get here, our plane doesn't leave until tomorrow night. If you suspected . . . 
Doggett: The Rock versus Stone Cold Steve Austin, Scully. Ringside. You and me.

"He is a man's man, an ex-cop,
and he's got that kind of edge."
-- Gillian Anderson, LA Magazine

Scully: You tell me that Cassandra Spender is the critical test subject
- the one who could prove everything. And yet, who is watching over her? Doggett, I can prove what you're saying or I can disprove it but not when Diana Fowley is keeping us from even seeing her.  Doggett, ask yourself why there is no information whatsoever on Special Agent Diana Fowley. Why she would suddenly happen into your life when you are closer than ever to the truth.  I mean, you ... you ask me to trust no one and yet you trust her on simple faith.
Doggett: Is it that time of the month already?

Scully: It's not the truth, Mom. He's lied to me from the beginning. He never trusted me.
Doggett: Well, you are a woman. 

Doggett: Woman, get back in here and make me a sandwich! 

"He's like one of the "guys," 
he's like one of the hard-core there
... he's his own man. " 
-- Chris Carter at Comic-Con 

Doggett: What's wrong this time? 
Scully: Salt Lake City, Utah. Transfer effective immediately. I already gave Skinner my letter of resignation.
Doggett:  Quitter.
Scully: I debated whether or not even to tell you in person, but . . . 
Doggett:  I am close to something here! I'm on the verge! 
Scully: You're on the verge, Doggett. Oh, you just said that.
Doggett:  Fine, just walk away. Typical. 
Scully: You don't need me, Doggett. You never have. I've just held you back . . . I gotta go.
Doggett:  True, but you do look great in a skirt.
Scully: Why did they assign me to you in the first place, Doggett? To debunk your work, to rein you in, to shut you down . . . 
Doggett: Did the skirt comment count for nothing? 

"Doggett's a male." -- Robert Patrick, New York Times


The Manly Cop Song
by Sister 'Dubh

INT. An FBI office. Enter DOGGETT, backed by a chorus of Manly Men in Manly suits, incl. SKINNER, KRYCEK, X, and KERSH, but not SPENDER JR.

DOGGETT (sings):
I'm a manly cop and I'm ok,
I drink all night and I grunt all day.


He's a manly cop and he's ok,
He drinks all night and he grunts all day


I run down crooks, I drink lite beer,
I go to the lavatr'y,
On Sundays I drive racecars,
And my face stays scrunchy-free!


He runs down crooks, 
He drinks lite beer,
He goes to the lavatr'y,
On Sundays he drives racecars,
And his face stays scrunchy-free!

He's a manly cop and he's ok,

He drinks all night and he grunts all day


I run down crooks, I shred X-files,
I never lose my gun.
I'd need it if they found out,
Scully kicks my ass for fun!


He runs down crooks, he shreds X-files,
He'd never lose his gun.
He'd need it if they found out,
Scully kicks his ass for fun?

He's a manly cop and he's ok,

He drinks all night and he grunts all day


I run down crooks, I'm Kersh's bitch,
CC's and Spotzie's too.
It says here in my contract,
RP can never sue!


He runs down crooks,
He's Kersh's bitch,
CC and Spotzie's too?....

He's a manly cop and he's ok,

He drinks all night and he grunts all day

Enter SCULLY, who trips him and places a 3" heel on his chest.   

Scully (scornfully):

"Oh John, and they told me you were so butch!"