Issue No. 1, March 1997

Welcome to the premier issue of "News for the OBSSEsed," a monthly Web newsletter for members of the Order of the Blessed Saint Scully the Enigmatic (OBSSE) and visitors to our humble virtual sanctuary.

First off, a big "Thank You" goes to Sister Autumn Tysko for giving this little ditty its name and for being one of our first contributors. Other thanks go to Sister Monet Inscrutable and Sister EP for contributing some creative contributions ( I like alliteration, what can I say?) to the site.

What you'll find herein is a little bit of everything related to St. Scully--essays, comments, creative works (short ones only!) from OBSSE members ranging from the serious (a poem based on a dream in this issue) to the outrageously funny (check out Sister Monet's "Hymn" sung to the tune of "She Blinded Me with Science." :) And of course, we offer opportunities for you to comment on what you read. Feedback is *always* welcome!

Oh, and most everything relates in some fashion to St. Scully, but you probably figured that out already.

What you will NEVER ever find here are rumours regarding Gillian Anderson's love/sex/or whatever life. Go buy a tabloid for those. You WILL find career-related news about the actress, however, a little bit of which is offered in this month's missive.

Okay. All done for now. Bye. Bye.

Yours in St. Scully,
Sister Nancy (no clever sig)

by Sister AutumnT.

NOTE: With the OBSSE gaining members daily, Sister Autumn offers up a worthy "Book of Common Prayer" that should be of help to both Postulants and Novices. (This info will be archived in April to the Rules of the Order section of the site.)

Congratulations on your admittance into our Order celebrating the Blessed St. Scully!

If you've gotten this far you obviously did quite well on THE TEST, but admittance to the Order is only the beginning of your Spiritual Journey to Enigmatic Enlightenment, not the end. As an OBSSE member, you are uniquely responsible for upholding the good name of St. Scully. And as with any religious order worth its salt, your faith will be tested--constantly.

If you wish to maintain your place in the Order, you must meet these tests with courage and vigillance. To assist you, the OBSSE offers the following guidelines to help you in your continuing pilgramage to glorify St. Scully:

If you follow these three simple guidelines, we can assure you a successful journey from postulant, to novice, to...(may you be so blessed)...Full and Professed Member in the OBSSE! 

First the Golden Globes, most recently the Screen Actors Guild Awards...Gillian Anderson is two for two in the Best Actress in a Television Drama category this year, winning both awards for her ever-amazing performances in The X-Files. And after the stunning Memento Mori, Anderson certainly has more than a fair shot at putting the third jewel in the triple crown of TV acting--the Emmy.

Her budding film career certainly can't hurt. If you haven't already heard the news, Anderson is scheduled to make not one, not two, but *three* films this year. She'll have a supporting role in the Sharon Stone movie, "Freak the Mighty" and the John Cusack film, "Hellcab." And of course, there's always that little movie project known as "The X-Files."

Congratulations GA! 'Bout darn time! 


Or both?

Of course St. Scully is cosmically intelligent. That's one big reason we love her. But from time to time the Blessed One has displayed an ability just a tad more...well...*spooky.* I'm talking, of course, about the SPMs or "Scully Psychic Moments." For a Sainted Skeptic, our gal has had more than her fair share of eerie occurrences in this regard, some of which have made a few Philes suspect that there's more than just keen observation, exceptional intelligence, and earth-shattering intuition at work in that Einsteinian brain of hers. Could it be? Could it possibly be that St. Scully is (gasp!) PSYCHIC????

The first hint of it came in "Beyond the Sea," as Scully awoke to a vision of her dead father speaking to her--- (did I mention he was *dead*?). We saw more clues in "Irresistible" (the uneasiness with the case and flashes of a *demon*); "Red Musem," (looking into the mirror, feeling as though she were being watched); "Revelations" (how else can you explain the recyclying connection--okay, well aside from the "cheap plot device" argument); and "The Blessing Way" ("I just have a very strong feeling...."). Other examples abound ("Aubrey", "Excelsius Dei"). 

So what do you think? Do you believe St. Scully is gifted in a paranormal way? Give us your (brief) comments and we'll post what we can in next month's newsletter.
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NOTE: From time to time our brothers and sisters come up with wonderfully creative stuff. Two examples are here, below. If you are an OBSSE member and would like to contribute a short essay\poem\commentary\review\insight\funny\whatever, let me know, and we'll consider posting it here, in our newsletter.

The following poem is from Sister EP, who had a strange dream about St. Scully a few nights after watching Memento Mori and decided it was worthy of a poem. We decided it was worthy to share with you all, so...:

POEM by Loligo
(AKA Sister EP)

Buried in the earth,
Motes drift in wan light
From high windows.
It is swallowed in the blackness
Of walls and floor.

Outside, a blank corridor,
But beyond that, a pier.
Waves lap at it,
And soft grey mist envelopes all.

Before me, a sacrificial lamb
Perched on a prim schoolgirl chair.
Her neck bared for the slaughter.
Flame spills over her lap,
The only glow of color
In a black and grey dream.

I comb the strands, and then shear them.
I don't want to do this.
I must do it.
I want to.
I love to.

The shears repeat again and again,
Cold metal words whispered in the ear.

He kneels at her feet like an acolyte before an icon.
He is as powerless as I to stop the martyrdom.

And then she is shorn.
But it is her glory that has been martyred,
Her fire.
Not her steel.
Not her life.
That may yet be preserved.


Hymn to St. Scully the Enigmatic
by Sister Monet Inscrutable
(Sung to the tune of: "She Blinded Me with Science.")

When I'm kneeling at The Shrine
(Blessed Be St. Scully, Scully!)
(Da Da DAAAAANA) Scully! (Da Da DAAAANA!)
Of our Agent, so Divine!
(Blessed Be St. Scully, Scully!)

I'm dazzled by her notions!
Her wisdom knows no end, I vow!
As deep as any ocean,
As wide as Science will allow!
Oh Blessed Be St. Scully!
(Oh Blessed Be St. Scully!)
And Bless'd be OBSSE!

When I feel She's close to me...
Tattoos form all over me!

She's dignity in motion!
And even when her death seems near,
She won't make a commotion;
Our fortress will not shed a tear!
Oh Blessed Be St. Scully!
(Oh Blessed Be St. Scully!)
And Bless'd be OBSSE!

(Good Heavens, Agent Mulder, you're nuts!)

I don't believe it!
There She goes again!
She's rationalized, and
Fox can't try anything!
All those Flukes and Fires, and
Frozen Flasks
Won't make her give up Science!

(But!) She's clarity in motion
Our Patron's every word and deed
Inspires such devotion
That we can't help but shout our creed,
Oh Blessed Be St. Scully!
(Oh Blessed Be St. Scully!)
And Bless'd be OBSSE!!!


That's all folks. Next issue: Posted by April 15, 1997 (just in time for taxes!)
Copyright 1997, Nancy Cotton