Well, like John Doggett who was just regurgitated by Anthony Keidis after a concert, I hardly know what to say. These are trying times, brothers and sisters. Let us hold fast to the hope that February sweeps will offer a few good surprises, and that butt genies and dysfunctional twins will become a Teena Mulder memory of the past.

Just in time for this issue we have Sister Nina and a comparative study that only she can explain, as well as Brother Scott who is hatching a plan to get to Fest '01. There's also Fest news, some very important Scully Marathon announcements, and as always, much much more. Enjoy this issue, and see you next month!

Paula R
Autumn Tysko

D E S I G N   &   G R A P H I C S

Sister Lens of Science
Cathy B
Kara Zod
Sister Skull

C O N T R I B U T O R S   t o  No. 38
Brother Scott
Sister Nina

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Greetings Brothers and Sisters! There's a lot going on around the Abbey this month with Scully Marathon and FEST preparations now in full swing. Keep up with all the latest OBSSE related news on the website, because now is the time of year when things start to move pretty fast. Well, at least in seems that way from how my head starts spinning...

OBSSE Mentioned in Text Book

Thanks to Swoodsie for dropping me a line this month to let me know that the OBSSE had been mentioned in the book edited by Elyce Rae Helford called Fantasy Girls : Gender in the New Universe of Science Fiction and Fantasy Television.  Too bad it runs $65 at Amazon, or I might be tempted to buy a copy. The text book is a collection of essays on the cultural OBSSEssion with tough yet sexy heroines. It contains the following about our Abbey: "In an article about the online fan culture, Susan Clerc analyzes how the character of Scully gives women entry into the community of discourse; after gaining a 'foothold' they are 'free to move into other areas of the series' and further.  The Order of the Blessed Saint Scully the Enigmatic [OBSSE], on the other hand, is devoutly focused, with weekly meditations and penances for all 'Sisters'."

Sister Nina-angelo Takes on 1013

The Sistine Chapel never made so much sense to me before it was restored by Sister Nina. Gaze upon such hidden treasures as the Creation of the Butt Genie and The Expulsion From the Consortium. It's all the rage in the Abbey.



The 1013 Chapel
by Sister Nina

by Sister Autumn

FEST registration is just around the corner so I wanted to take this time to give you out the latest information on the event for budgeting and planning purposes. Based on an informal poll I'm confident that we will be able to accommodate everyone that wants to attend this year. 

We have reserved space for  Abbey members at the Iron Horse Resort in Winter Park, Colorado. Fest will be held a month later this year on July 26-29, 2001. 

Folks flying in will best be served by making arrangements to fly into Denver International Airport and rent a car to drive to Winter Park.

We have reserved eight two bedroom/two bath rooms that can hold a maximum of six people (there is a hideaway bed as well in both room types) for $185 a night and twelve two bedroom/three bath (maximum six people) for $205 a night. This puts us in the same room rate range as we've always had for the event with the added advantage that this is definitely the swankiest place we've stayed. The number of people maximum per room is a hard number, so no sneaking in extra folks. If every room is booked to capacity that gives us 120 people maximum at FEST. My guess is that we will end up with around 110 this year. So, start thinking about your roommates.

While we have not yet calculated the registration fee, I anticipate it being in the same range as the last two years ($75). More information on reserving rooms, etc. will be available when FEST registration opens in April.



May is Neurofibromatosis Awareness Month and, once again, the OBSSE will be hosting Scully Marathons to benefit NF Inc. as well as several international NF organizations, as our way of thanking Gillian Anderson for her wonderful work on The X-Files.

Stop by our new site: http://www.scullymarathon.com, view the trailer (created by the lovely and talented BDodd), and find out if there will be a group marathon near you.