The holidays, as we all know, have a tendency to cause us to become reflective, to take stock of our surroundings, to be thankful for the little things in life and pause to more closely observe them.  Last week I found myself taking a break from all the busy day to day duties in the Abbey Newsroom and looked up from my desk (well, I don't really have a desk, really, it's more of an area) to watch and listen in quiet bemusement as the wonder that is the assembling of the newsletter took place around me.  It was kind of like an "all things" experience only without the tapping pencil and the dripping water and I had my clothes on:

  • Lensie popping her head in, "Ok, so fruitcake parasites are out - I think I've got my column."
  • The gentle strains of CathyB warming up in front of the keyboard, "It's NOT like continuity MATTERS..."         
  • Chish and Bethie darting furtively down the hallway carrying what looks suspiciously like a box of prophylactics
  • Autumn slamming a letter on her desk (because she has one), "What the hell kind of a question is this?"   
  • A three part harmony in the corner from Jez, Squat, and Bryn -- I could be mistaken but it sounds like "Grandma Got Run Over by a Reindeer" but the words are all different
  • Jean tap-dancing in to hand-deliver her special story
  • Melly B shouting across the room, "Hey, what rhymes with fertility?  Oh, never mind..."
  • Lauren rearranging her tiara in the mirror                      
  • Squat thoughtfully assembling the holiday catalog      
  • La.. and Aderyn squabbling cheerfully over the graphics, "More green and more baubles - we're going for that suburban tract house Candy Cane Lane look."  

All was well.  All was as it should be.  I inwardly gave thanks for this eclectic group of crazy, creative nuns I've come to know and treasure and thought to myself, "Yes, it's going to be another great issue."  Enjoy this edition and all the season has to offer.  Until February - Happy Holidays.                       

Paula R
Autumn Tysko

D E S I G N   &   G R A P H I C S

Sister Lens of Science
Cathy B
Kara Zod
Sister Skull

C O N T R I B U T O R S   t o  No. 37
Jean R
Melly B
Sister Kiss
Sister Bruce

Thanks to Haven and GAWS for image assistance

Greetings Sisters and Brothers! Another holiday season is upon us here in the Abbey and the newsletter is all decked out in its best holiday finery. Here is hoping that you and yours have a joyous holiday season! Join us this month in the Abbey lounge for a good old fashioned sing along complete with green and red margaritas!

Wondering how to
comport yourself in the
X-Files universe?
Find out by visiting the
X-Files Etiquette Handbook thoughtfully compiled by
Nina, Pteropod, & Sister PJS
Los Angeles NF Benefit

A number of Abbey members were able to attend a special benefit for Neurofibromatosis, Inc. held on the FOX lot in Los Angeles earlier this month. During the first session some dutiful OBSSE members presented Gillian with an important gift in hopes that she could make sure it got to Scully - a package of 50 buttons. Lets all pray that they will help take care of Our Saint's button impairment at least towards the last half of the season. If not, well, we tried. Gillian was actually a good sport about the whole thing, posed for pictures with the buttons, and mentioned that the OBSSE cracks her up. We're just glad she gets the joke.

Some attendees, myself included, were treated to a set tour led by Gillian herself. In addition to learning that she really did not know her way around the sound stages she's worked on the past three years, we were confronted with the following very wrong things: First, Mulder's apartment in addition to being very very small has a copy of "Golf Digest" on the coffee table. Second, not only is there still no nameplate on the door, but Doggett has a desk with his own nameplate while Scully still has none. Third, and most disturbing of all, even though no one is currently using Mulder's apartment and that set just sits and gathers dust, they totally changed Scully's apartment to look like a hotel room instead of leaving it as a standing set. Sigh. Well, at least we saw her kitchen and the fridge was still in it. I will admit that my favorite parts of the tour were walking down the FBI hallway into Skinner's office and having Gillian tell us the extremely unsavory details of her last pretend autopsy while we gathered around her in the autopsy set. I have indeed been in the lair of Dr. Bossypants.

Seriously though, I left this event once again proud of the work that the Abbey has done for this charity. I enjoyed having the time to speak to the friends I've made both here in the Abbey and those with the NF organization. I also left impressed again with the time and dedication that Gillian Anderson invests in both this charity and in her fan base. She spoke one on one to every person who attended and gave all something special to remember. If there ever was a win-win event in which a fan could have a once in a lifetime experience and help a wonderful cause at the same time this was it. 

Its Never Too Early to Plan Your Marathon...

Speaking of fundraising, we're already back to work preparing for the 3rd Annual Scully Marathons this May. Watch this newsletter for upcoming information on what should be our biggest event ever. For more information check out our marathon site.




W I T H  C H I S H  &  B E T H

Once again it's the most wonderful time of the year. The jingle of sleigh bells fill the air and rosy-cheeked carolers sing festive holiday tunes. For those of you who celebrate Christmas, it's time to sprinkle your home with holiday cheer, and we're here to help you do just that.  Why not subtly incorporate motifs from your favorite show into your decorating routine? All you need are a few readily available materials to make an heirloom that your family will treasure for generations to come (or at least until the X-Files is canceled.)

To start things off, we have a lovely X-shaped snowflake pattern that you can customize to fit your own personal style.  Below is a shimmering example of the power of glitter.

To make your own snowflake, use this pattern:
(half the size as real pattern)

Cut along the solid black lines above so you have a square piece of paper.

Directions:  How to Fold the Flake

First fold the square along dotted line as shown in figure 1. Make sure the design is always visible - don't fold it inside. Next make the second fold just like in figure 2. Make the final fold like figure 3. Make all of the folds as sharp and as even as you can. Once you have the paper folded, you should hold it very tightly and carefully so that the layers don't slip while cutting.  Cut around the X, then snip and trim patterns into your flake to make a personal statement.  Don't be afraid to experiment;  when crafting, trial and error often lead to glorious creations.  Here are a few more examples of the power of the scissor: 

As an added bonus, these snowflakes can be used throughout the year when administering Rorschach tests.

This next craft contains spoilers for the episode Roadrunners

We all know that if Scully weren't monogamous, and if she believed that she were fertile, she would have condoms readily accessible.  Why not use those versatile little love gloves for crafting purposes?  We did, and the result was this fabulous Santa!Slug.

Why a slug, you ask?
For a slug testimonial go here.

To make your own cheery holiday mascot, you will need:

  • a condom
  • a filling of choice (we used holiday confetti)
  • construction paper
  • a rubber band
  • cotton balls
  • staples, tape or glue

Fill condom with confetti (or other filling), use a rubber band to segment the head, use construction paper and cotton balls to construct a festive Santa hat.  If you prefer, try making a Snowman!Slug or a Hanukkah Harry!Slug.  Again, be creative.  Here we've used our slug to accent our centerpiece.

Happy Crafting and best wishes to you and yours,
Cherish and Beth Stewart