Issue No. 2, April 1997

It was almost two years ago that the Order of the Blessed Saint Scully the Enigmatic (OBSSE) was formed, and only six weeks ago that the Order went "public" and opened its membership to all who wished to celebrate St. Scully's enigmatic light . ;)

Wow! What a response!

In less than six weeks the Order has gained nearly 100 members from around the world! Currently, the OBSSE boasts brothers and sisters from Australia, Canada, Mexico, Netherlands, the United Kingdom, and the United States. Guess that answers any doubts people may have had about St. Scully's universal appeal, huh?

Speaking of appeal...

This issue of "News for the OBSSEsed" is packed with appeal, including some sage wisdom from our favorite sister, Sister Autumn, who answers that age-old postulant question: "Can I lust after Fox Mulder and still serve St. Scully? Please???" Also, we begin our regular spotlight of new members, featuring some of the more witty comments that have been included in our initiates' admittance forms. We report the outcome of the, "Is St. Scully Psychic?" poll from last month. We pose THE ULTIMATE Scully question this month. We feature a wonderful essay by Sister La..Dee..Da.. on what it means to be a "Scullyist." And we showcase more wonderful muses from our marvelous members.

Thanks for reading, surfing, and keeping the faith! ;)

Yours in St. Scully,
Sister Nancy (no clever sig) 

by (surprise!) Sister AutumnT

Gentle Readers:

Our most exalted and esteemed Sweet Mother Superior Sister Nancy has asked me to contribute a guidance column of sorts to assist those of you pursuing further enlightenment in the OBSSE. So, you postulates and novices desiring Full and Professed membership (or those of you out there considering applying to the Order if only a few nagging questions might be answered), here is your chance to ask away about OBSSE doctrine, the responsibilities of being a Sister or Brother of the Order, or even St. Scully's fashion choices. I'm here to help. Please send your questions to Ask Sister Autumn so that I may ponder and enlighten you on your journey.


Dear Sister Autumn:

Can I still be an OBSSE member if I occasionally have carnal and lustful thoughts about Agent Mulder?

Bewitched By Black Boxers


Dear Bewitched:

Believe it or not, this is a very common question. The OBSSE elders have thought long and hard about this issue on many, many occasions. Mother Nancy herself enjoys thinking about this in great detail and has been known to watch those episodes where Mulder appears in his undergarments, glasses, or black mock turtleneck repeatedly to try to channel St. Scully's insight into this very issue.

Now, while St. Scully has only given us brief glimpses into whether she herself ever has had such thoughts, I ask you to ponder the following (and not often referenced) scriptures:

The Book of St. Scully, Chapter "Jersey Devil", Act I:

Ellen (St. Scully's friend, who we must admit had great foresight as she made Scully her son's Godmother):"What about that guy you work with?"
St Scully: "Mulder?"
Ellen: "Yeah, I thought you said he was cute."


The Book of St. Scully, Chapter "The List", Act III:

St. Scully: "A woman gets lonely."

Now, what this all means is still a bit of a mystery, and given St. Scully's rather chaste (well, usually) manner, it can be confusing.

However, as we know that St. Scully at least thinks of her partner fondly, that she has undressed him on occasion, and--despite her need for minor correctional lenses-- that she is indeed not blind, we can only surmise that an appreciation of Mulder's assets would not be frowned upon by the Sainted One.


Sister Autumn:

What's all this I hear about Rouge OBSSE? Is it some sort of makeup for fair-skinned Sisters? It seems to have gotten things all a buzz on the X-Files newsgroup. I feel I might be behind in the latest St. Scully makeup trend.

Sister Emily


Dearest Emily:

As I just ran off to check St. Scully's bookmark for makeup for fair-skinned redheads and saw no mention of this rather intriguing brand of rouge, I can only guess that your question must refer to what I have heard referred to as, the "Rogue OBSSE".

While not an official or sanctioned arm of the Order - in fact we deny everything - it is possible that such a thing may exist. Let's pretend it does. If it did, then it would only make sense that it would be lead by Sister "Mulder is a PUNK" MYRKE. It might even consist of a small yet determined army of Brothers and Sisters inspired by the "Tunguska" appearance of Saint SWAT! Scully. Though I do wonder if this group, uh, if there really was such a thing, might just have a fixation with kevlar, but that's another topic.

While the Order cannot condone violence (unless it is really, really necessary), the Rogue OBSSE could be determined (if it had a charter) to ensure important and good story lines for Saint Scully even if they had to threaten Chris Carter with those little bathroom scissors that St. Scully always seems to grab as a weapon when entering a dangerous restroom. Though I can't be sure, I think I once heard a rallying cry of, "Bring the car around yourself PUNK!" as a flurry of camouflaged wimples rushed by.

Um. Anyway, I hope that answers your question. 


Last month, we asked readers whether they believed St. Scully was psychic. The results are in (and they are not very Scullyistic, if you think about it....) Sixty-two percent of respondents said they believe that St. Scully is psychic. Thirty-eight percent do not. We received so many comments on the subject, that we don't have room to run them all. However, here's a sampling of what was said:

From Sister Jess P.
"Mulder may have tried to explain it (woman's intuition? Nice try!) In CBFR, but we all know the truth: St. Scully is psychic. (And Mulder may just be a teeny-tiny bit jealous, I think.)"

From Sister Dana
"I'm shocked! Shocked and appalled! There are no psychics...just coincidences. What I find fantastic is the notion that there are any answers beyond the realm of science! The answers are there; you just have to know where to look!"

From Sister La..Dee..Da..
"Is Scully psychic? But of course! The episode with the most SPMs (Scully Psychic Moments) is Clyde Bruckman's Final Repose. Every time the killer is near, Scully looks into the crowd as if sensing his presence. And let's not forget that she solves the case with "woman's intuition." AND does anyone *really* believe that she got on the wrong elevator by mistake and just *happened* to save Mulder's life? Nah...."

From Lee B.
"Everyone has hunches. Kekule solved carbon-ring structure in a dream. Then, of course, he tested this hunch as he would any other hypothesis. Skepticism lies not in rejecting hunches, but demanding that they prove out against the evidence."

From Sister Amy C.
"Ever since her vision of her dead father, I have harbored a suspicion that St. Scully has psychic tendencies. Plus, it seems to run in her family. Margaret has "a feeling" when Dana is in danger, and Missy received the Sainted One's message not to call Mulder 'Fox' from Scully...while she was comatose."

From Sister Lil Scully
"I do not believe St. Scully to be psychic. I simply believe her to be absolutely brilliant!...."

From Sister Nina the Remotely Plausible
"...She's touched by holy wisdom, no doubt about it." 


One of the most frequent topics of conversations among XF fans focuses on St. Scully's skepticism. After what St. Scully has experienced and seen, should she "believe?" Is there enough evidence of extraterrestrial activity on earth that St. Scully should accept Mulder's view? Or, is the evidence there at all? What *has* St. Scully really experienced and seen in this regard?

Tell us what you think, and we'll publish the results (and a few comments) in next month's newsletter.

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Should Saint Scully believe?Yes No



Some of us are called mysteriously to the Order, others seek it out after reasoned consideration and thought. Below are some of the more *compelling* comments the OBSSE has received from individuals seeking admittance into the Order. After much prayer and meditation, all of the members noted below were received. Please join me in welcoming them, and other new members, to the OBSSE!

Sister Carolyn writes:
"Despite vigorous attacks on my sanity, I have maintained from the very first season that The X-Files is not about aliens or mutants or Mulder's quest--it is about Scully. GA's sublime and incandescent performance has given us the best female character I've ever seen on television as well as someone to whom I can turn in times of crisis. Often I wonder, 'What would Scully do?' when I find myself making major life decisions. Should I go report my boss to the IRS? Should I have baked or mashed? Her influence is boundless."

Sister LeeAnn in Santa Monica confesses:
"The following are only a few of the sacrifices I have made in order to present myself as a serious candidate to the Order: 1) I have faithfully searched ATX for posts from avowed Scullyists' including MYRKE, Nancy (no clever sig), Bernadine, and Gizzie, among others; 2) I tossed out my Inveigle Me Mulder doll; 3) I altered my 'I Want to Believe' poster to read: 'I Believe in Newtonian Physics', and finally, 3) I made my husband remove the 'whammy bar' from his electric guitar. (You know, the thing that makes that irritating Waa-Waa noise--actually sounding somewhat like a whining Mulder....)."

Sister Nina the Remotely Plausible testifies:
"I sit at home at night thinking of new SREs (Scully Rationale Explanations) that don't include the phrase 'monozygotic twins.' I am 5'2" and, if I lost 20 pounds, went to med school, joined the FBI, and had extensive plastic surgery and a complete personality overhaul, would thus be EXACTLY like Scully."

Brother Reader1 writes:
"X-Files is nothing but a paranoid needing medication without Scully."

Sister Anna M. confesses:
"I am an ardent Scullyist. First, The Blessed One is my role model of a professional woman in a male-dominated work place. Having been there and done that for over 10 years, I watch her each week for pointers on how to handle petulant, moody, needy men without becoming their mother or sister or--heaven forbid--their wife."

Sister Kelley George testifies:
"While shelving an annotated copy of Sir Issac Newton's "History of Optics" in the rare book room, I noticed a strange light emerging from the stacks. Overcome by the glare, I fell to the ground, prostrate before a pair of three-inch heels entwined with roses. A voice whispered, 'Do not be afraid. Science will set you free.' The book fell from my hands, the light intensified, and then disappeared. Believing this to be a call, I would like to seek admittance to the Order...." 


I don't know what is in the air, but it seems to be catching. Lately, our Brethren (Sistren's?) creative juices have been rolling up a storm. In fact, we've received so many submissions, that we don't have room to reprint them all. But don't despair! If you've sent us a prayer or poem, it will likely appear in a future newsletter. If you're an OBSSE member and would like to submit a SHORT creative work for our "Muses" section, let me know. Here now are some of the latest creative pieces submitted by our members:

St. Scully's Psalm
by Sister Bryn

Let us pray...

Saint Scully is my Shepherd, and I shall not want;
She maketh me lie down on black couches.
She leadeth me beside the Reflecting Pool;
She restoreth my skepticism.
She leadeth my along paths of self-righteousness for science's sake.

Yea, though I walk through a Shadowy Conspiracy, I shalt fear no man;
For Thou art with me;
Thy cell and thy gun,
They comfort me.

Thou preparest an autopsy before me;
No evidence supporteth Mulder's theory,
Though lookest most doubtful, my cup runneth over.
Surely Mulder and Little Green Men shall follow me
All the days of my life.
And I shall seek for the Truth forever.

Saint Scully, Our Lady of Skepticism
by Sister Sabine

Scullyists' Bilingual Prayer
(Sung to the tune of "Santa Evita" from the Evita soundtrack)
by Sister Esther M.

Please, Gentle Scully, will you bless your Postulant?
For I love you, tell Mulder I'm doing my best
I'm praying for you, even though you're already blessed.

Please, Blessed Scully, will you look upon me as your own?
Make me special, be my role model
Be my everything, wonderful perfect and true
And I'll try to be exactly like you.

Please Holy Scully, will you show me that shoe thing you do?
For I love you, tell Mulder I'm doing my best
I'm praying for you, even though you're already blessed.

Santa Santa Scully
Madre de todos OBSSE'os
De los Scully-tistas, descamisados* de la OBSSE.

*"descamisados="the shirtless ones" (remember the Pilot?)


A few weeks back, members of the OBSSE got into a heated debate on over St. Scully's emotional state. While St. Scully's naysayers called her "repressed," we called her "controlled." While they said we "bashed Mulder" we argued that we "celebrated Scully," and the debate raged on....Out of this whole discussion, however, arose some very interesting and insightful posts. One of the most poignant of which was written by our very own Sister La..Dee..Da, and she has graciously allowed us to reprint it here. Simply titled, "Scullyist?", Sister La has nailed why many of us "believe." :)

by Sister La..Dee..Da..

We all need heroes; Scully is mine.

It doesn't matter how old you are. It's still fun to have a character to look up to, to cheer for, and to be empowered by. The character of Scully embodies many of the traditional "hero" characteristics. Even Jose Chung recognized that she was, "noble of spirit and pure of heart."

That is why I like Scully. However, I *identify* with her because she gets scared, frustrated, angry, and not matter how hard she tries to prevent it, she cries. Now this is a girl I can relate to!

Many others this week have very eloquently debated issues involving Scully's lack of emotion, fitting into the "boy's club," relationship with Mulder, etc., and I'm not going to rehash it all here. I can only say that I appreciate the many points people have raised and that from my perspective (after all, how else *could* I view it?) somehow all these various elements come together to create a very believable and compelling character that I care about and enjoy watching.

Mulder's not a punk...he's just written that way (sometimes).

I am not anti-Mulder. I LIKE Mulder. I like his sense of humor, his willingness to speak out about what he believes to be true even if it means sounding "spooky," and most of all, I admire his passion and dedication to his life's work.

That said, there have been times when I've been less than thrilled with the way he behaves. And because I identify with Scully (see above paragraph), I want to slap him but good when he runs off on one of his adventures and leaves her stuck in the middle of nowhere--doing the grunt work--with an ice pick thingy (plam) pointed at her head.

I just would like to think that the writers have the ability/talent to find ways of telling a good story without having to include punkish behavior on Mulder's part. I also think that some of the things we complain about ("Scully never gets to drive.") are things that don't even occur to male writers as being a problem. But look what happened after we got vocal about it. Voila! Season four--the year Scully drives...a lot! (Coincidence? I think not.)

So, for now, I will continue to yell, "punk" when Mulder ditches Scully. I will continue to cheer when Scully kicks the MOTW's (monster of the week) butt. I will continue to demand of 1013 a respect for the character and an involvement beyond being Mulder's sidekick. And *IF* that day ever comes when we finally get a continuation of the cancer arc, I'm sure I'll be a weeping mess.

Yes, I'm a Scullyist...and that's what we do.

That's it for now. Next issue posted by May 10, 1997. Keep the faith. ~=
Copyright 1997, Nancy Cotton