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The OBSSE Returns to Winter Park for FEST '01

So, the Elders were talked into holding yet another FEST last year when we were weak from all the fun in Minnesota. If you've been before you don't need to be told that this is an event not to be missed and nearly impossible to describe. If you haven't, we've given you another shot at attending our annual fun filled gathering of Brothers and Sisters where for three days there really is an Abbey and damn but it is a great place to be. While I'm certain there will be OBSSE gatherings of some sort in the future, this will be the last time we organize an event of this magnitude. So, don't delay. Join your fellow sibliren for the now infamous annual OBSSE FEST.

This summer on July 26 to July 29 the Brethren and Sistren of the OBSSE will gather in the beautiful mountain setting of Winter Park, Colorado for three-and-a-half days of Abbey fun in our fourth annual "OBSSEsed Fest." OBSSEsed Fest `01 will be an informal gathering of OBSSE Sisters and Brothers and promises to be a fun filled vacation with all your Abbey friends. This year we've chosen to return to Winter Park (the site of the lard and beaver crazed Fest 99). While we won't be staying in Beaver Village this time (there goes that joke), we think you will enjoy what is by far the nicest resort to hold a FEST yet.

Read on to find out more about what we've got in store. To hook up with other Sisters and Brothers who plan on attending and who`d like to share a room, car, and other expenses use our Fest mailing list. If you know for sure that you will attend, then fill out our Registration Form and send it to us, along with a snail mail check for $75 (or if you are a U.S. resident with a credit card you may charge FEST this year), by May 30th, and you`ll be all set to attend Fest. For more information, email festquestions@yahoo.com or ask on the fest mailing list. We'll be updating this page as plans for the Fest progress and using the Fest mailing list to put out important information.

The following is a *tentative* schedule of events for OBSSEsed Fest `01! Rest assured even more scary details await. We'll keep everyone posted on the FEST mailing list.
Thursday, July 26
It's Time to Open the Buffet
  • 2-4 p.m.:  OBSSEsed Fest Check-In and Welcome Reception at the Iron Horse lobby bar/pool area
  • 4:30 p.m.: Opening Mixer by the pool, complete with one of our ice breaker games
  • 5:30 p.m.: Catered Italian buffet dinner provided as part of your registration costs - Arlberg Room
  • 6:30 p.m.- 10:30 p.m.:  Opening Night FESTivities (including special screenings and OBSSE's ever popular sing along)
  • Friday, July 27
    The First and Last Annual OBSSE Miniature Golf Tournament
  • Spend the morning enjoying the area and local activities or participate in OBSSE smaller group activities. We'll be organizing these on the FEST list, but they could include: canoeing, hiking, bowling, biking, horseshoes, volley ball, etc.
  • (Breakfast and Lunch on your own)
  • For the afternoon we will be traveling to the near by Winter Park Resort for the tournament. The golf fees are included as part of your registration costs, but there are many more activities available to you here including an alpine slide, maze, climbing walls, chairlift rides, hiking, etc. - the tournament time will be announced on the FEST list.
  • 6 p.m.- late:  We will be having a BBQ dinner and drinks either at the Winter Park Resort or at a nearby park - we will provide the final information as soon as the dinner arrangements are settled (provided as part of your registration costs - you pay for your drinks).
  • Third Annual Action Figure Fashion Contest - Maternity!Scully with prizes for Dioramas (Pre- and Postpartum), Best Accessories for a Single Action Figure, Best Maternity Wear for a Single Action Figure, and the ever popular Dishonorable Mention
  • Saturday, July 28
    Come to the Cabaret...
  • (Breakfast and Lunch on your own)
  • Free time or Cabaret practice. You'll need it.
  • High Noon: Cheese Tours. Because if it is worth doing, it is worth overdoing.
  • 5:30 p.m.: Catered Buffet dinner (theme to be announced on FEST list as budget is finalized) (provided as part of your registration costs) - Arlberg Room
  • 7 p.m. - 10:30 p.m.: Closing Night FESTivities - Cabaret Night. Be afraid.
  • Sunday, July 29
    The Worst Day
  • 10 a.m.: Check out time at the Iron Horse Resort


    We have selected the Iron Horse Resort in Winter Park, Colorado to be our headquarters for this year's event.  Located 67 miles northwest of Denver, Colorado (an approximate two hour drive), this idyllic resort should fulfill all of our Fest-going needs. We have already reserved 8 two bedroom/two bath condos (that sleep up to 6 people), and 12 two bedroom/three bath condos (that sleep up to 6 people).

    All units have fully-equipped kitchens, living and dining areas, fireplaces, private baths, balcony, color cable TV with in-room movies and Nintendo. In addition there is an on-site restaurant and lounge, health club, game room, outdoor heated pool, four outdoor hot tubs, room service, and 24-hour front desk.

    The two bedroom/three bath units are 1535 square feet. They have a master bedroom suite with a King bed and full bath with jetted tub. The second bedroom has twin beds or a queen bed with a full bath. There is a queen murphy bed in living room with an accordion privacy divider. A wet bar, washer and dryer are included with this unit. Maximum occupancy is 6 people.

    The two bedroom/two bath units are 850 square feet. The master bedroom has a queen bed and full bath. The second bedroom is with twin beds. There is a queen murphy bed and double sofa sleeper in the living room as well as a second full bath. Maximum occupancy 6 people.

    Check in time is 4:00 p.m. and check out time is 10:00 a.m. Luggage storage is available to accommodate late departures and early arrivals. No pets are allowed. The rates include a daily tidy service.

    We will have full use of a large common room (complete with a projection screen) where our group activities will be held. Any decorations we put up must be preapproved by the resort staff to prevent damage to the walls of the room. Unlike past years there are some pretty strict rules about outside food and drink due to Colorado catering laws. We have arranged with the resort to have the bar available to us. Food and beverage not purchased and served by the Iron Horse Resort is STRICTLY PROHIBITED in the meeting rooms. A service charge of $100 per infraction is applicable, so needless to say all food and drinks not provided by Iron Horse must be consumed in the rooms. I'm sure we can comply with this.

    The costs listed below are the nightly rates. Anticipating early arrivals we have also reserved 3 two bedroom/two bath and 6 two bedroom/three bath units for Wednesday night at well.

  • Two Bedroom/Two Bath (6 people)--$185 a night plus 12% tax
  • Two Bedroom/Three Bath (6 people)--$205 a night plus 12% tax
  • The deposit on rooms is  50% of the cost of your stay when you make your reservation. Thirty days before the start of your stay your credit card will be charged for the other 50%. A cancellation fee will apply if you cancel less than 30 days prior to FEST. If you need further information on the cancellation policy you can get that from Iron Horse. Any rooms that are not reserved will be released on June 25th.

    We encourage OBSSE members to share rooms for obvious cost-saving purposes (and because lodging in this area is difficult to come by in the summer months so once our rooms are gone it may get tight). If you are looking for a roommate, try the OBSSE Fest mailing list (information below).

    There may be other room configurations available at the Iron Horse Resort for that time period. If you wish to get a smaller room, you will need to make those rate arrangements with Iron Horse yourself.

    Once you have registered for FEST, you need to make your room reservations with Iron Horse. Please reference the OBSSE group when making the reservation. The resort staff would REALLY appreciate it if ONE person from each room called to make the reservation and was responsible for the room payment. In other words: Get organized before you call! You work out the details amongst roommates as to how payment will happen, and work it out before you call. Remember your first type of room selection may not be available so be flexible. If you wish to extend your stay at the Iron Horse in either direction, you can do so if the rooms are available. You can make your reservations by calling Iron Horse at 1-800-621-8190 ext 1. Remember you will be leaving a 50% deposit at that time. Also, please make note of what room you will be in if they give you a condo number so we can compile a phone/condo listing for FEST.


    Winter Park is a definite drive from the Denver Airport. You will need to coordinate your travel with others and plan your transportation in advance. We cannot be responsible for it. We encourage OBSSE members to organize "traveling buddies" for both inbound and outbound trips to the resort so that you can get to and from the airport with a minimum of stress. We STRONGLY recommend people find friends to share the cost of a car rental with.

    You can get to Iron Horse (approximately 90 miles west of DIA) from the Denver airport by taking this route: Take Pena Blvd. from DIA to I-70 west. Stay on I-70 all the way through the Denver metro area and into the mountains. Take exit 232 and go north on U.S. 40. It's 25 miles from the exit to Iron Horse. Turn left on Winter Park Drive, marked by a large, colorful Winter Park Resort sign. Proceed 1/4 mile to Iron Horse Drive, on your left.

    There is a nice index of car rental stuff on the DIA Airport Ground Transportation page. Shuttle services to Winter Park also exist for $35 each way from Home James Transportation Service. You must contact them in advance for schedule information and reservations at 1-800-359-7536.

    Remember to allow plenty of time if you are driving back on Sunday to catch a flight, because traffic coming from the mountains is heavy then.

    All dinners are provided as part of your registration costs. All other meals will be Dutch Treat (you pay for your own). We will NOT be providing any alcoholic beverages. The legal drinking age in Colorado is 21. The drinking of alcohol by those under 21 will NOT be tolerated and WE MEAN THAT. If you are under 21 and cannot abide by those rules do not come to FEST. Adults may purchase and consume the beverages of their choice. And for those so inclined, you may want to pack a blender. A list of the menus for the provided meals follows. (If you are a vegetarian we have done our best to provide an appropriate selection at all meals. Special requirements such as vegan or other more strict diets may require you to make special arrangements or bring whatever it is you can eat.)
    Thursday Night: OBSSE Italian Buffet Night
    Green salad with Italian dressing, two pastas, Alfredo sauce or Sundried Tomato Marinara, garlic bread, and steamed vegetables.

    We will be paying for your meal, tax and tip in advance as part of your registration costs. You will be responsible for paying for your drinks and associated tax and tip.

    Friday Night: BBQ Night

    This will be an outdoors meal with your choice of:

    • Hamburger
    • Bratwurst
    • Garden Burger
    Plus side dishes and dessert. Exact menu to be finalized later.
    We will be paying for your meal, tax and tip in advance as part of your registration costs. You will be responsible for paying for your drinks and associated tax and tip.

    Registration for the OBSSEsed Fest `01 is $75 per person. You must be 18 years or older to attend. Your registration fee includes the following:                             www.obsse.com 
                                          FEST 2001 If for some reason any excess funds are left over from OBSSEsed Fest Registrations (and we sincerely doubt that this will be the case....), those funds will be donated to Neurofibromatosis, Inc. in Gillian Anderson's name. OBSSE members coming to the Fest from outside the U.S. should send a money order in U.S. funds.

    PLEASE NOTE: You will not be officially registered for FEST until your money is received. We will send out confirmation information to let you know when this happens. There will be no exceptions made this year for late payments. If we do not have your money by the cut-off date you will not be attending. We have planned on no more than 120 attendees, we will do all we can to make sure everyone who wants to can attend, but there is limited space available and we will have to cap attendance.

    This year in hopes of making the registration process easier, we are allowing U.S. residents to pay for FEST via credit card by using the Yahoo! PayDirect system as well as by check. In order to use this service, you will be asked to open a free PayDirect account and move $75 from your credit card into it and then send that payment via email. This system is commonly used by people in online auctions. You can learn more about PayDirect and set up an account here:
    I accept payment using Yahoo! PayDirect

    Much of the costs of FEST this year have to be paid out in advance by your Elders. For this reason, we cannot guarantee a full refund if you decide to cancel. If you do need to cancel, we will try to fill your slot with another paying attendee. If we can do so, we will refund your fee (minus the cost of the shirt) after FEST. If we cannot fill your slot, we can only refund the amount not already paid out to cover the costs of FEST.

    In other words, don't register unless you are sure, and remember you also have to pay a 50% deposit for your room and have it paid in full 30 days ahead of time. Room cancellations must be handled directly with Iron Horse and follow their cancellation policy which is a 30 day policy.

    If you can't make the Fest but you'd still like an OBSSEsed Fest `01 Golf Shirt, just go to the Registration Form and check the "I just want the shirt" box. Shirts are $20 for U.S. members and $23 for members outside the U.S. Make sure you include your email, snail mail address, and shirt size. (Please note that the price includes postage and handling.)

    All Fest `01 attendees will be required to sign a legal waiver form at registration. As you all know, we are a simple Internet club run for fun, and we cannot be held legally responsible for you.

    Sure, some of you have been to Colorado before. Many of you have even been to Winter Park before. However, just in case you need to be reminded just what your summer vacation has in store for you be sure and check out the handy local information page to get the scoop on the area that Sister Aspen has put together.

    So you've got this far and you are definitely coming. Well then, please use the handy form below to register for the FEST `01 mailing list where we will answer questions, make announcements, and generally just get ready for this great event!
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    See you this summer!